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NC-S 120 HES LUX: minimalist design, unlimited brightness and style

07 February 2024

The new NC-S 120 HES LUX sliding patio door is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. An evolution of the NC-S 120 STH SLIM series, it is characterised by a minimalist and refined design, in line with the NC-S 175 HES LUX series. With a frame depth of just 120 or 140 mm, the NC-S 120 HES LUX offers an unparalleled panoramic view while providing the all-important natural light to enhance any room. The combination of minimalist profiles and large glass areas creates an atmosphere of elegant brightness. The NC-S 120 HES LUX is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any environment, style or size. It is available in versions from 2 to 6 sashes on two or three tracks, with the possibility of creating a 90° corner by combining two sliding doors. The threshold also facilitates access between the inside and outside, while the wide range of finishes allows the window and door to be personalised. Top quality aesthetics are combined with strength and ease of use, as confirmed by the new handle integrated into the sash, which enhances the minimalist design and facilitates opening. The reinforced increased side sash houses a 3-hook lock with pass-through cylinder that allows locking from the outside, making it an ideal solution for both homes and businesses. Finally, the excellent thermal and acoustic performance, guaranteed by the thermal break and the possibility of using double or triple glazing, ensure extremely high thermal insulation targets and unrivalled living comfort.