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Product selection

What solutions exist to increase the security of windows and doors in my home?

Security is an essential aspect of a window and door. We offer suggestions, systems and technologies to make your home as safe as possible. Visit the dedicated page

Are there incentives or tax deductions for the purchase of windows and doors?

Yes, incentives are available. Visit the dedicated page

What should I consider when choosing glass for windows and doors?

When choosing glass for windows and doors, it is crucial to assess the thermal and acoustic insulation they offer: double glazing is suitable for less cold climates and can be optimised with low-emissivity and acoustic treatments, while triple glazing is preferable for areas with a harsh climate. Considering the solar factor and light transmittance is essential for seasonal comfort and internal brightness. In addition, safety is a non-negligible aspect, with laminated glass or toughened glass to prevent accidents and burglar-proof classes for protection. Finally, assessing specific glass such as selective, self-cleaning or extra-clear can further optimise functionality according to personal needs and the location of the home. Visit the dedicated page

Where can I find the performance of METRA Building windows and doors?

The performance of METRA Building windows and doors is available in the product section by downloading the data sheets for the various systems.

What burglar-proof systems do METRA Building products provide?

METRA Building products are available with RC2 and RC3 burglar-proof hardware, the highest for residential buildings.

Where can I see METRA Building products?

You can view METRA Building products at our retailers; you can locate dealers with showrooms on our website. Visit the dedicated page

How can I choose the design and style of windows and doors?

When choosing the design and style of METRA Building windows and doors, we recommend assessing the available finishes and colour options that best match the architecture and internal design of your home, whether classic or contemporary. The wide range of accessories, such as handles and hinges, can further define the aesthetics.

Which accessories are available?

METRA Building offers a line of functional and aesthetic accessories to enrich its aluminium windows and doors. From distinctively designed handles to integrated hinges, every detail is designed to enhance security and the user experience. Advanced opening and closing systems merge with cutting-edge home automation solutions, enabling intelligent management and high comfort. The choice of quality materials and attention to finishes also guarantee durability and harmonious integration in any architectural context, internal or external, modern or traditional.Visit the dedicated page

What finishing options are available?

We offer a range of finishes for aluminium windows and doors that combine aesthetics and durability. You can choose from oxidised finishes for durability, elegant painting in various degrees of gloss, and wood-effect coatings. We use an eco-friendly powder painting that is free of harmful substances and in line with our sustainability policy. Our colour palette ranges from classic to nature-inspired colours to avant-garde solutions to suit every architectural project. Visit the dedicated page

What materials are used for windows and doors?

Aluminium is the main material used in METRA Building windows and doors. This material is extremely versatile, durable and environmentally friendly. Almost eternal, aluminium windows and doors offer maximum solidity and great lightness. We also have a product line in the aluminium-wood version. The last one is a natural, living material that gives a unique warmth to rooms and perfectly matches aluminium.

Which products does METRA Building offer?

METRA Building offers aluminium windows and doors: windows, patio doors, entrance doors, balconies, shutters and interior doors. Each product is available in different types and can be customised with multiple accessories and finishes to meet the needs of any home.

Quotations and Consulting

Can I request an on-site visit to assess my needs?

Contact one of our retailers to request availability for an inspection. On the following page: Mappa Rivenditori, you can find your nearest retailer.

What information must I provide in order to obtain an accurate quotation?

In order to obtain an quotation, it is necessary to be in possession of the desired number of fixtures and the relevant measurements of the compartments.

To identify the dimension of the wall compartment, it is necessary to measure the space between one wall and another, both horizontally and vertically. Photographing the compartments can be an additional support to be provided to the retailer with which you can define the type of opening, style, finishes and accessories.

Can I get personalised advice on the choice of windows and doors?

Contact one of our retailers, visit the dedicated page with a map of all partner retailers in the area: Dealers

Product maintenance

How can I request assistance concerning a technical problem?

Technical support is provided by our retailers. We recommend that you contact the company you purchased METRA Building products from directly for any technical problems or support requests. For further information, please contact our customer service: +39 030 68191 -

How can I maintain windows and doors?

The quality of METRA Building aluminium windows and doors is also evident from the low maintenance requirements. The maximum resistance of the materials against sunlight and weathering guarantees great durability over time. To download the brochure please fill in the form below and you will receive it immediately by email.

How can I clean my METRA Building windows and doors?

METRA Building windows and doors are designed in such a way that normal cleaning activities are facilitated. To download the brochure please fill in the form below and you will receive it immediately by email.

Where can I find spare parts for METRA Building products?

We offer a dense network of retailers in the region, please contact our customer service to find out which spare parts dealers are closest to you:
+39 030 68191 -

About the company

How can I contact METRA Building Customer Service?

You can contact METRA Building's customer service at or by calling +39 030 68191.
Our operators are available Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:30.

Which certifications does METRA Building guarantee?

All METRA Building products carry the CE marking provided by the retailer. Our finishes meet Qualicoat and Quali Deco requirements. You can also request PosaClima certified installation. Visit the dedicated page to learn more about all METRA Building certifications: Visit the page

What are METRA Building’s values and mission?

METRA Building's values can be summed up in the words Design, Safety, Comfort and Eco-sustainability. Our mission is to offer products characterised by aesthetic and functional excellence, capable of guaranteeing energy savings and high anti-burglary values.

How long has METRA Building been on the market?

METRA Building has been on the market for over 60 years and today represents Italian excellence in the sector. For more information on our company, visit the dedicated page: Company

What is METRA Building’s focus?

METRA Building has specialized in aluminium processing for over 60 years, manufacturing profiles for windows and doors. We collaborate with authorized dealers who assist customers in selecting our products, from choosing to installation. Visit the dedicated page to find a METRA Building dealer you can contact: Company

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