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In METRA Building productions, aluminium is the absolute key player. Quality windows and doors that combine the natural performance of this material with products of great design, guarantee security, energy saving, environment friendliness and comfort.

Made in Italy design

Finishes, styles, design accessories: living spaces take shape thanks to windows and doors with wide customisation possibilities. METRA Building products allow you to create an aesthetic balance that gives a feeling of great comfort.

Our know-how allows us to create both catalogue products and custom-made windows and doors for large architectural projects. Our aluminium profiles are present in some of the most prestigious realisations in the world: from the iconic Louvre Pyramid to the towers of New York to the futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai.

The same quality of these great works is guaranteed in our catalogue products: from minimal and modern to warm and traditional lines such as aluminium-wood, METRA Building meets any requirement in the field of windows and doors.

Aesthetics are ensured by a variety of minimalist handles and concealed accessories: in a design house the right detail makes the difference



In addition to design, comfort is ensured by burglary-resistant locks tested in accordance with international standards. A home needs security, and in this sense METRA Building products ensure a sound sleep.

Our windows and doors have RC2 and RC3 class burglar-proof systems, as well as a perimeter system of up to 16 points capable of resisting the most arduous intrusion attempts.


Energy Saving

Aluminium is among the most nature-friendly materials in terms of energy and production costs. It is light, environmentally sustainable, practically eternal and, above all, infinitely and completely recyclable.

Our products are the result of the combination of know-how acquired through decades of investment in technology and the characteristics of aluminium itself. With the help of thermal break frames and HES (High Energy Saving) technology, thermal insulation is at the highest level.

Installing aluminium windows and doors in your home means preserving the future of the planet. The performance of our products improves living comfort thanks to perfect acoustic insulation and allows an important reduction of heating and cooling energy costs.

METRA Building’s commitment to environmentally friendly windows and doors is highlighted by the numerous environmental certifications acquired.



Living comfort is enhanced by the perfect acoustic insulation that our products provide.
Materials, machining techniques, installation and design make it possible to create an effective barrier to the intrusion of noise from outside.

Thanks to their excellent sound proofing capacity, our windows and doors create a peaceful and quiet environment, protecting against unwanted external noise.

We also design barrier-free solutions to make spaces more welcoming and inclusive.

With the installation of a low threshold or zero threshold, obstacles are eliminated and accessibility is guaranteed without any limits or barriers. A very precise choice that combines high performance materials and processing, refinement and minimal aesthetics with a use without exclusions, based on safety and inclusion.


Building capillarity of METRA building resellers

Contact one of our retailers to discover the most suitable solution for your needs. Our partners will guide you in the choice of the ideal window and door for your home: from the identification of the product and its accessories to its installation and laying, guaranteeing a constant after-sales service.

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