Handles and accessories

For anyone who seeks the ultimate in attention to detail. Handles, opening and closing devices, hinges and gaskets: METRA Building accessories complete our windows and doors, enhancing aesthetics and performance. An integrated locking system guarantees the highest levels of security in both recessed and pull handles.

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The handles


METRA Building handles are the result of a unique design, inspired by the METRA company logo. The design line, labelled Essence, is available for all handles, offering a distinctive style for contemporary environments.

Comfort, design and safety to elevate the essence of your environment: our complements are conceived to give contemporary spaces a distinctive and exclusive style.

Minimal handle

Ergonomic, elegant and essential, the METRA Building minimal handle is a rose-free solution that blends perfectly with the design of METRA Building’s minimal building products. Despite its refined aesthetics, this handle keeps the durability and ease of use of standard handles.


Choosing METRA Building products means ensuring maximum security. Thanks to the performance of our products and a careful selection of components, our windows and doors achieve RC2 and RC3 security ratings. In addition, they are equipped with a perimeter locking system with up to 16 burglar alarm set-up points. Security is also guaranteed thanks to the Secustik® system, which helps prevent unwanted opening from the outside.


METRA Building has a wide range of finishes for handles that blend in perfectly with the design of the door and window frames. The handles are treated with anodising or powder coating processes, guaranteeing long-lasting colours. In addition, they have a very high corrosion resistance, corresponding to category 4 of EN 1670:1998, which makes them suitable for outdoor use in very harsh conditions.

Handle models

For casement windows and doors.

Origins line.

For casement windows and doors.

Minimal line.

For sliding windows and doors.

Origins line.

For sliding windows and doors.

Lifting-sliding line.

For entrance doors.

Doors line.

For interior casement doors.

Origins line.


METRA Building hinges are characterised by their long life and strength. Able to withstand numerous opening and closing cycles, the coupling with the locking rod reduces the effort required to operate them, increasing their resistance to tearing. They are available in both visible and concealed versions.

For windows, door and Internal doors

These hinges are ideal for windows and doors with an essential design, as the device is completely integrated inside the frame, making it invisible from the outside.

METRA Building’s visible hinges are designed not only to preserve the aesthetics of the product but also to enhance it, blending perfectly into the overall design of the window. Thanks to the different finishes available, the hinges can be perfectly combined with the colours of the window or door frame. This product has also been tested and certified to guarantee excellent performance.

For entrance doors

The hinges are concealed for an essential aesthetic appearance.

These hinges feature a slim, streamlined design, ideal for giving entrance doors a more contemporary allure.

frontal hinges are a more traditional choice, providing a timeless, classic style. They are particularly suitable for large doors.


METRA Building has several home automation solutions for windows and doors. The windows and doors are prepared for integration with sensors that monitor the position of the windows, enabling the user to ensure greater security for their home. The sensors detect temperature variations inside and allow the automation of openings.

Our sliding doors can also be integrated with full motorisation, an innovation that facilitates the elimination of architectural barriers. These features can be fully integrated with existing home automation systems and can be controlled via a dedicated app.