Aluminium-Wood Line

The perfect mix of design, comfort and the unmistakable atmosphere of wood.

METRA Building’s aluminium-wood line consists of windows and doors with integrated systems between the external aluminium side and a thick layer of visible natural wood for the interiors. The essence of wood and the efficiency of aluminium come together in products that offer maximum comfort and great performance in terms of safety and resistance to wear caused by external agents.

Minimal Line Products


The atmosphere of various woods combined with the solidity of aluminium.

Patio doors

An elegant and sophisticated setting to enhance the panorama.

The characteristics of the aluminum-wood line


The unique style of this line allows the beauty of wood, a material that gives breath to the environment, to be enjoyed internally, and allows the design and performance of aluminium to be guaranteed externally.
The systems are able to withstand wind, air, saltiness and other adverse weather conditions, guaranteeing the perfect non-deformability of the wood on the inside.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

The aluminium-wood line ensures perfect tightness and impermeability. Thanks to technologies such as thermal break, it also guarantees maximum energy savings. The structural solidity of wood combined with aluminium is also a guarantee for excellent sound insulation.


The security of your home is a priority for the aluminium-wooden windows and doors manufactured by METRA Building. Our products feature a state-of-the-art opening-closing system with the highest anti-burglar values for a safe and comfortable home.

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