Aluminium Shutters

METRA Building manufactures aluminium shutters designed to regulate the level of lighting and ventilation in rooms.

METRA Building provides shutter with both fixed and adjustable blades. Fixed blades, or oval blades, are an effective solution for maintaining privacy, allowing light to enter. Adjustable blades, on the other hand, allow for lighting and ventilation by adjusting the slats as desired.

Shutter with both fixed and adjustable blades

Shutter with both fixed and adjustable blades

Discover aluminium shutters with fixed or adjustable blades from METRA Building.

Shutters that can be made with vertical and horizontal staves or blinds make it possible to darken spaces entirely, guaranteeing privacy and essentiality. This shutter model is adaptable to any type of home, from modern to classic design.

Shutters with vertical and horizontal stave

Shutters with vertical and horizontal stave

Discover METRA Building’s vertical and horizontal stave aluminium shutters.

METRA Building sliding shutters present themselves as a convenient and technological solution, suited to modern needs. This solution is available both in light, where the frame remains visible while sliding, and concealed, where the product completes its movement by recessing into the wall.
The ultra-compact structure of these frames optimises space, and it is also possible to install an automated system that allows the sashes to be closed at the touch of a button.

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters

Discover METRA Building’s aluminium sliding shutters.

Features of aluminum shutters

They are available in a variety of solutions to meet the needs of total or partial darkening, protecting from outside glances and creating an intimate and reserved environment.

This product also contributes to increasing the security level of the home, acting as an additional barrier to unwanted intruders. The characteristics of aluminium combined with the quality level of METRA Building finishes ensure a high level of resistance to weathering and also contribute to improving the thermal insulation of the house, acting as a barrier between the outside and the inside.

Available in different colours, they adapt to various architectural solutions, complying with landscaping regulations to offer maximum adaptability. Aluminium accessories such as strong pivot hinges and concealed hinges complete the product.


When designing a building, it is of key importance to determine the level of natural light. Sunblades are architectural elements designed to provide shade and regulate the entry of sunlight into a building or outdoor space. This METRA Building system is available in multiple structural types, characterised by the installation of blades of different sizes and shapes.

Sunblades not only add a unique and distinctive character to architectural designs, but also integrate perfectly with windows and doors or curtain walls. The possible automated management of blade rotation to regulate irradiation through a domotics system adds further value to the system. They represent an innovative solution that combines the sustainable essence of aluminium with the possibility of harmoniously integrating photovoltaic panels into the blades to generate clean energy with reduced environmental impact.

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