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Aluminium sliding shutters are characterised by one or more tracks that allow the shutters to slide horizontally until they open fully. This system makes it possible to minimise the overall dimensions and optimise the manoeuvring space accordingly. The automated version represents the home automation answer to the most contemporary needs for functionality and practicality. Various degrees of window opening can be obtained by means of a simple push-button.

With the ‘sliding line’, METRA Building offers aluminium sliding shutters characterised by extremely compact design and state-of-the-art technology. Strength, aesthetics and functionality come together in a timeless product.

Sliding Finishing and coatings



Aluminium sliding shutters, with fixed or adjustable blades, operate by means of a carriage, with the guide under a beam or externally suspended. The sash slides in a concealed guide in the floor.


The shutters of the Milano line offer sliding shutters concealed in masonry with fixed or adjustable blades. They operate by means of carriages in the lower part of the sashes, sliding on a steel guide.

Finishing and coatings

METRA Building’s aluminium sliding shutters can be customised in a variety of finishes and coatings to meet any design requirement.


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