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Fixed and adjustable blade

Aluminium shutters with fixed and adjustable blades are a timeless solution in terms of functionality and aesthetics, capable of adapting to even the most elegant surroundings. The adjustable blade system makes it possible to darken rooms by adjusting the amount of natural light at will. With a shutter with fixed and adjustable blades, privacy, comfort and ease of maintenance are ensured.

METRA Building’s Origins Line offers numerous types of fixed and adjustable blade shutters to meet any living requirement, in terms of functionality, design and resistance.

Classica and Centro Storico Firenze and Genova Adjustable Finishing and coatings

Classica and Centro storico


The Classica shutter, with fixed blades and ovals of various shapes, offers closings by means of espagnolettes or cremone bolts. Anchorage can be to the wall or via a 3-sided fixed frame.

Centro Storico

The Centro Storico shutter, with 90 mm rhomboidal blades, is ideal for renovations with architectural constraints. With a 59 mm internal perimeter frame, it offers an elegant and long-lasting line.

Firenze and Genova


The Firenze shutter, with 90 mm rhomboidal blades, features a distinctive perimeter frame. It includes the Firenze flap, which, when closed, blends perfectly thanks to the hinges hidden inside the profiles.


The Genova shutter, equipped with 50 mm fixed oval windows, has a projecting flap with visible hinges and frames aligned with the masonry.



The adjustable shutter, while preserving the peculiarities of the classic version, has adjustable blades that modulate the entry of light from outside, ensuring effects of half-light or total darkness.


The system provides folding shutters with efficient sliding and reduced overall dimensions. The low threshold on patio doors minimises the overall dimensions, while specific accessories ensure sturdiness.

Finishing and coatings

METRA Building’s fixed and adjustable blade aluminium shutter can be customised in a variety of finishes and coatings to meet any aesthetic requirement.


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