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Aluminium Windows and Doors: why choose them?

27 April 2022

They protect us from the cold and the weather, they make our homes safe, they allow communication between inside and outside: aluminium windows and doors are essential for the place where we live, and we must choose them carefully. We do this starting with the material, and aluminium is the ideal material for windows and doors.

Aluminium windows and doors: what they are and what you need to know

There are very good reasons to choose aluminium windows and doors, and each of them satisfies a different need: practicality, insulation, customisation, respect for the environment. All METRA Building products are made of aluminium, a very effective material for the construction of windows and doors and other living accessories.

Aluminium is a metal that is easy to work with, flexible and perfectly adaptable to all requirements. Aluminium windows and doors are light, practically eternal, corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain and clean. They are not a threat to health. It is a material that does not release harmful substances and remains harmless even in the event of high overheating. Finally, choosing aluminium windows and doors means opting for a solution with a minimal and modern design, easily adaptable to any residential or commercial architecture.

Aluminium is also advantageous in another respect: it is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled indefinitely. It is therefore perfectly suited to the growing need to protect the environment.


Characteristics of aluminium windows and doors

When it comes to choosing the material to use for the windows and doors of a house, it is often difficult to decide between aluminium and PVC. Here are the main characteristics of aluminium for windows and doors.


Quality windows and doors require a material that is flexible, light and easy to work with, but at the same time strong, solid and virtually indestructible. Aluminium windows and doors are an extremely practical choice at all stages of the production and assembly chain.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Aesthetics are important, but windows and doors must first of all provide excellent insulation to ensure warmth and comfort for the inhabitants of the house. Aluminium windows and doors do this very well, providing perfect thermal, acoustic and weather insulation.

This translates into many advantages:

  • less condensation;
  • possibility of maintaining the temperature of the house at optimal levels;
  • absence of infiltration;
  • better quality of life.

In addition, aluminium is a space-saving material. This means that you can enjoy a perfectly insulated house without the need for bulky window that take away the brightness of the rooms.


When building or renovating a house, we want solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. Aluminium windows and doors take the guesswork out of the equation: they stay beautiful and functional simply by being cleaned with a mild detergent. They do not require much maintenance as they are naturally resistant to sunlight, moisture and impact.

This means that aluminium windows and doors have an excellent lifespan: their positive characteristics can be enjoyed for decades without any signs of wear and tear.


When building or renovating a house, it is important that every last detail reflects your needs and style preferences. The windows and doors are an important part of personalising your home, as they give each room its own character.

Aluminium is undoubtedly a material that can satisfy many desires. Thanks to its ductility, we can bend or cut aluminium into the shapes that best suit the style of the house. In addition, the combinations of colours and finishes for aluminium windows and doors are almost endless.


If you want to build a house that respects nature, aluminium is a safe bet: windows and doors made from a material that is completely non-toxic and 100% recyclable an infinite number of times. The production of aluminium windows and doors also has less impact on the environment than the use of other materials.

Which type of Aluminium Windows and Doors to choose?

There are many positive features and they are well suited to the choice of different types of windows and doors.

There are various types of aluminium windows and doors: which one should you choose to make each home unique?

The choice depends on many factors: the best thing is to rely on the support and advice of professionals in the sector, such as METRA Building. The extensive product catalogue offers the possibility to choose between elegant casement windows and practical sliding windows; all products can also be declined in the Casement door version.

Finally, aluminium is also the ideal material for entrance doors, curtain walls, railings and balconies, perhaps in combination with glass for an elegant and modern design.

Why choose aluminium windows and doors

The characteristics of aluminium listed here give a good idea: aluminium windows and doors can meet all the requirements of any home.

The choice of aluminium windows and doors always results in a modern, safe and comfortable home, and in the knowledge of having used a lightweight material, one of the most widespread in nature and one of the most sustainable in terms of energy consumption during production.

Aluminium is the material chosen by METRA Building for all these reasons, but also for the many other advantages that this material is able to offer. Relying on professionals such as METRA Building means relying on a solid experience in the processing of aluminium and in the creation of aluminium windows and doors that are suitable for any type of house: for every need, aluminium in windows and doors is always an excellent starting point.