Interior doors and partition walls

In both domestic and business spaces, METRA Building aluminium interior doors are the ideal solution for optimising and delimiting different rooms.
Style and structural quality are characteristics that our aluminium interior doors share with other integrated systems. The raw material – aluminium, wood, 8 mm monolithic glass – is moulded to fully meet design requirements and aesthetics.

Door and wall thicknesses can have an ultra-thin design and frames of various shapes and sizes. Enhancing the range are the many finishes: from colours to various oxidised and sandblasted metallic effects. METRA Building interior doors and partition walls are a guarantee of solidity, perfect tightness, durability and acoustic comfort. Characteristics to which is added the wide choice in terms of design complements, to satisfy even the most demanding taste.


Internal doors and
partition walls

Interior doors Overlap line Coplanar Line Pocket doors Line Concealed Hinge Line Partition walls

Interior doors

Partition walls

Interior doors

METRA-Flex interior doors enhance the living areas of homes and offices: their style, design and modularity blend into many architectural contexts and offer smart and exciting design solutions. They can be hinged or sliding, recessed or sliding externally on the wall. METRA Building's technology guarantees maximum performance: resistant, acoustically and thermally insulated, they are adaptable to the thickness of the masonry and secure with accident-proof seals.

METRA-Flex interior doors have a uniquely designed aluminium frame, which can be reduced or extended in thickness and combined with an aesthetically coordinated frame. The door panels can be in glass, also treated, or in wood of different essences and in a wide choice of colours and finishes.

Overlap line

METRA interior doors guarantee aesthetics, solidity and perfect tightness thanks to the double rebate seal. The design complements allow for a wide choice. The finishes are varied and exciting: from colours with multilayer natural pigments to various oxidised and sandblasted metallic effects.


La cornice variabile per adattarsi ai diversi spessori della muratura fa delle porte interne SORMONTO una soluzione unica per design e versatilità.

Coplanar line

They represent the ideal line for any environment, with different aesthetic solutions on profiles and panels, which, thanks to the coplanarity between profile and sash, generate a very elegant solution.


They represent the ideal line for any environment, with different aesthetic solutions on profiles and panels, which, thanks to the coplanarity between profile and sash, generate a very elegant solution.

Pocket doors

They enhance the appearance of private homes and business spaces. Style and design make aluminium pocket sliding doors the ideal solution; at the same time, they divide and connect rooms without being bulky, and are aesthetically appealing, thanks to the combination of materials and finishes available for the profiles and wood or glass panels.

Sliding typology

La soluzione perfetta per dividere ambienti, sia abitativi che di business, senza intaccarne le linee estetiche e senza alcun ingombro.

Concealed Hinge Line

Thanks to its minimalist all-glass design and its ability to be integrated into many architectural contexts, the aluminium door line with concealed hinges, which can also be integrated into the partition wall line, guarantees striking design solutions while ensuring solidity and tightness.

Concealed Hinge

Minimali, luminose ed eleganti, le porte interne CARDINI A SCOMPARSA regalano soluzioni progettuali suggestive ed essenziali.

Concealed Hinge Glass partition

Presentano ogni caratteristica distintiva della linea CARDINI A SCOMPARSA, con il valore aggiunto di potersi integrare perfettamente alla parete divisoria della medesima serie.

Partition walls

Space and light with Glass Partition, the glass wall by METRA Building designed to give a sense of spaciousness to the room in which it is installed. More communication, less artificial lighting for maximum liveability. Hinged or sliding with or without a frame, corner solutions, fixed mirrors and interior doors combined with walls to adapt this system to all requirements.

The Glass Partition glass wall can be customised with the application of glass decals for signage or decorative purposes.

Glass Partition

L’ambiente guadagna spazio grazie all’essenzialità dell’estetica – i profilati perimetrali, infatti, misurano 50 mm – e la luminosità degli ambienti è massima, per una vivibilità inedita degli spazi.

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