METRA Building

METRA Building stands out as a leading player in the industry for high levels of production quality and innovation.

Internationalization, specialization, verticalization and a fully integrated supply chain are the cornerstones of our Group, built through an industrial history that goes back a long way and, from the very beginning, has been represented by aluminum extrusion destined for the production of complex profiles.


Integrated aluminium systems with aesthetic lines suitable for framing any context, giving finishing touches, light to rooms and contemporary design. The product lines convey modern and linear atmospheres, furnishing every space with elegance, innovation and an unmistakable signature.



METRA Building offers a unique partnership approach with industry professionals. Our design office, which is structured for co-engineering and custom design, works closely with designers, architects and industry professionals to create customised integrated aluminium systems. All profiles are then produced in-house. This method of working allows the realisation of architectural projects that fully reflect expectations in terms of design and technology. METRA Building is the ideal partner for projects that aspire to redefine the boundaries of innovative design and sustainable technology.


METRA Building places great emphasis on sustainability through the implementation of the innovative RE.AL.E. low carbon alloys, designed to minimise the impact on the environment. These alloys, certified by ICMQ and BRE Group, reflect a commitment and dedication to environmental and social responsibility. The goal is to continue to improve the performance of our products, aiming to reduce GHG emissions and meet the standards of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, promoting a more sustainable future.