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Polo dell’Infanzia

In the heart of Pisa, the Polo dell’Infanzia is a new reality born from the transformation of the ‘PISANOVA’ district. Consisting of a modern nursery school and a kindergarten, the project has renewed the urban fabric and created welcoming spaces for children. The structures, characterised by geometric shapes such as squares and circles, were designed following a modular grid of 1.5 metres. The use of METRA Building systems made it possible to realise the philosophy of the project, offering both advanced technical performance and aesthetics in harmony with the surrounding architecture. The large glass surfaces, the quality materials and the versatility of the windows and doors testify to the attention to detail. Participation in the competition is justified by the dedication to the development and education of children, emphasised by the spatial and functional design, and the astute use of METRA Building systems.

NC 100 doors and partitions.
NC 65STH casement windows and patio doors.