Shading systems

Maximum performance in both residential and business spaces for METRA Building’s aluminium shading systems; eternal products that can be perfectly integrated into any architectural context, thanks to the infinite number of colours and finishes available in the catalogue. Material excellence and strong technological innovation are the main features of METRA Building’s shading systems, sunshades and shutters. With their function of shading against light and heat/cold, they guarantee improved room liveability, consistent energy saving and an important economic advantage.

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Style, strength, resistance and zero maintenance. METRA Building aluminium shutters are available in many finishes and unlimited colours, able to enhance both the façade and the living space.
Also available in the “folding” or “adjustable” version, they are the ideal choice for different architectural solutions – new buildings, conservative restorations, renovations – even in cases where strict environmental regulations must be respected.
Weatherproof, METRA Building aluminium shutters and blinds guarantee maximum water tightness, excellent resistance to air, salt and aggressive atmospheric agents.

Aluminium accessories complete the shutters: sturdy hinges support the shutter, enhancing its aesthetics, the hinges are “concealed” and the bolts are reinforced. All this to ensure maximum comfort together with the handle or sliding mechanisms and the different openings designed to guarantee ergonomic grips.
The METRA Building aluminium sliding shutter can be oversized compared to the normal window and can become the multi-track system of a large curtain wall or sliding wall.

Origins Line

The shutters of the Origins line are available in multiple solutions with fixed or adjustable blades to meet the needs of total or partial darkening of rooms, protecting against external glances while combining ease of maintenance and sturdiness. In addition, thanks to the complete range of models, the Origins line allows for numerous applications, satisfying the aesthetic needs of historic centres and new buildings.


The Classica shutter, with fixed blades and ovals of various shapes, offers closings by means of espagnolettes or cremone bolts. Anchorage can be to the wall or via a 3-sided fixed frame.

Centro storico

The Centro Storico shutter, with 90 mm rhomboidal blades, is ideal for renovations with architectural limitations. With a 59 mm internal perimeter frame, it offers an elegant and long-lasting line.


The Firenze shutter, with 90 mm rhomboidal blades, features a distinctive perimeter frame. It includes the Firenze flap, which, when closed, blends perfectly thanks to the hinges hidden inside the profiles.


The Genova shutter, equipped with 50 mm fixed oval blades, has a projecting flap with visible hinges and frames aligned with the masonry.


The adjustable shutter, while retaining the special features of the classic version, has adjustable blades that modulate the entry of light from outside, ensuring effects of half-light or total darkness.

A Libro

The system provides folding shutters with efficient sliding and reduced overall dimensions. The reduced sill on patio doors minimises the overall dimensions, while specific accessories provide robustness.

Blinds line

Shutters that can be realised with vertical or horizontal staves make it possible to darken the entire home. These solutions are adaptable to all types of dwellings, from the most modern to the classic.


Disponibili in due versioni: con doppie doghe interne ed esterne o con singole doghe esterne.

Sliding line

The ideal automation for comfort and convenience without sacrificing design. The ultra-compact Click!Slide automated solution for sliding shutters allows you to close your shutters at the push of a button inside your home.

Sliding line

The ultra-compact Click!Slide automated solution for sliding shutters allows you to close your shutters at the push of a button inside your home.


The reliability and safety of MILANO shutters is guaranteed by the carriages positioned at the bottom of the sashes, which slide on a steel guide.


When designing a building, it is of utmost importance to determine the level of natural light. Sunshades are architectural elements designed to provide shade and regulate the entry of sunlight into a building or outdoor space. This METRA Building system is available in a variety of designs. Sunshades not only add a unique and distinctive character to architectural designs, but also integrate perfectly with window frames or curtain walls.

The possible automated management of blade rotation to regulate irradiation, through a home automation system, adds further value to the system. They represent an innovative solution that combines the eco-sustainable essence of aluminium with the possibility of harmoniously integrating photovoltaic panels into the blades to generate clean energy with reduced environmental impact.


Con lamelle in alluminio estruso di varie forme e dimensioni oppure fisse con angoli prestabiliti o orientabili, la serie FRANGISOLE si adatta sia building che case private.


The LOUVRES sunshade series allows for the implementation of ventilation grids with the installation of different types of blades.

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