METRA Building aluminium balconies are the embodiment of essentiality, durability and safety. Created to complete the range of aluminium windows and doors, the balcony systems are divided into a wide range of solutions that fit into the most different architectural contexts: internal and external, balconies, terraces, corridors, stairs and railings. All METRA Building aluminium balconies are certified to meet the most stringent safety regulations and guarantee maximum inalterability to weathering over time. They are available in numerous versions and in various styles with powder painting to ensure minimum maintenance.



Minimal Line Origins Line

Minimal line

The minimal line series are designed to meet the needs of contemporary architecture, adaptable to all projects from modern to renovations. The systems can be applied to a variety of architectural contexts, both internal and external, guaranteeing durability, resistance to weathering and increased brightness.


THEATRON Lux illuminates spaces with an attractive ‘all-glass’ design. Extremely versatile for new buildings and renovations, it is ideal for internal and external use, and guarantees safety and weather resistance.


THEATRON JULIET BALCONY is a system that allows the creation of all-glass railing applied directly to the window and door frame.

Origins line

Systems for aluminium balconies and railing guaranteeing maximum safety, resistance to weathering, they are characterised by a wide range of style solutions that allow them to be inserted into the most diverse architectural contexts.


The product features a continuous structure composed of a full-height glazed panel and an aluminium structure. The handrail is characterised by rounded shapes.


The Verona Line features glazed panels and aluminium top rail.


The balcony of the Milano series allows for full-height railing panels.


The Pisa series railing features full-height glazed panels, the glass perfectly integrated with the square-shaped aluminium handrail.


The product allows the construction of railing with glazed panels supported by an aluminium structure and a handrail above.


The Torino line consists of a handrail with fixed staves and a handrail above.


The system consists of a parapet with a railing panel made from profiles of various shapes and with a handrail above it.

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