Curtain walls

Contemporary taste and great technology put at the complete disposal of architects and designers by METRA Building. Our integrated POLIEDRA SKY TECH aluminium curtain wall series are designed to enhance the most ambitious architectural contexts on an aesthetic and structural level, freeing designers from structural constraints and offering them the possibility of making their design visions unique.

METRA Building curtain walls are a system capable of creating increasingly complex geometric shapes in combination with glass, ceramics, stone, wood and composites, guaranteeing incredible durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, water tightness, resistance to air, salt and aggressive atmospheric agents.
Energy saving, integration with photovoltaic systems and high-quality opening devices complete the range of advantages.

Performance, emotion and visions of the future with METRA Building’s POLIEDRA SKY TECH range. Numerous finishes are available, glossy, opaque, extra-glossy, oxidised, sandblasted and scratch-resistant.

The ideal applications of curtain walls in residential housing are large glazing for verandas, winter gardens, stairwells and skylights in which they ensure a significant increase in brightness, the use of sunlight and energy savings.


Curtain walls

Minimal line Stick construction line Storefront line Window Wall line Structural - Semi-Structural Line Unitised line Ventilated line Windows in curtain walls line

Minimal line

Minimal curtain walls with reduced visual impact are the protagonists of projects and living solutions that make rooms brighter and more welcoming, creating a greater connection between internal space and the surrounding landscape.


Minimalist stick construction curtain wall with a frontal section of only 35 mm

Stick construction line

This line, with the POLIEDRA SKY TECH 50 and 60 series, offers a curtain wall system with mullions/transoms and covers, capable of offering extraordinary compositional freedom, thanks to the numerous design solutions available and a low visual impact, stimulating the development of innovative concepts of space and light.
The line guarantees the realisation of large glazed frames (up to 1000 kg of glazing with special supports), as well as the achievement of high acoustic and thermal performance thanks to the possibility of housing glass up to 72 mm thickness.


Stick construction curtain wall with 50 mm sightline.


Stick construction curtain wall with 60 mm sightline.


All-glass curtain wall with 60 mm mullions/transoms.

Storefront line

The Storefront line engineered for ground floor shopfronts gives commercial buildings new design opportunities with the possibility of integrating entrance openings. The curtain walls for shop windows in this line guarantee important performance from an acoustic and thermal point of view, thanks to the possibility of using double glazing, and resistance to external loads.

NC 115 SF

System for shop windows with slender structures and quick and easy installation. 115 mm frames.

Window Wall Line

It provides a flexible solution by combining aesthetics with first-class performance in terms of thermal insulation, air tightness and water tightness compatible with North American standards. The system is applied using pre-assembled modules mounted from the inside of the building, ensuring speed of installation and ease of maintenance.

NC 135 WW

Series for the construction of windows composed of opening and fixed elements.
133 mm frames.

Structural - Semi-Structural Line

The semi-structural and structural curtain wall line gives the POLIEDRA SKY TECH 50 - 60 series an all-glass coplanar appearance on the outside, thanks to the use of mechanical retainers or the solution with structural glass. The line can also be used with a mixed solution with an external aluminium cover, making the vertical or horizontal lines of the curtain wall stand out.


All-glass curtain wall with 50 mm mullions/transoms.


Structural curtain wall with 50 mm mullions/transoms.

Unitised line

The POLIEDRA SKY FAST 80 series enhances the aesthetic appeal of any curtain wall, ensuring quick and easy installation thanks to the industrialised manufacture of the modules in the workshop. This unitised curtain wall structure is available as an all-glass version or its version with an external glazing bead, with the possibility of integrating opening elements within the façade.


Unitised curtain wall with 80 mm mullions/transoms.

Ventilated line

The system allows the construction of ventilated curtain walls, offering the designer new and extraordinary opportunities for aesthetic impact, combining the system's performance with the added value of aesthetic freedom for the curtain wall, allowing the combination of aluminium sheet coatings, composite materials such as Alucobond, ceramic slabs, glazed modules or photovoltaic elements.


Ventilated curtain wall with aluminium or ALUCOBOND covering panels or glazed slabs.

Windows in curtain walls line

Compatibility with curtain wall systems ensures maximum comfort for end-users by meeting thermal insulation and safety requirements for both curtain wall and cover applications. Curtain walls with opening windows feature projecting or parallel-opening windows. With outward opening they can be fully integrated into the curtain wall thanks to the all-glass solution, allowing for large manual or motorised openings.


Projecting windows for curtain walls.


Projecting windows for skylights.

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