Why aluminium

Aluminium is among the most widespread elements in nature and among the greenest in terms of energy cost of production. It is a light and sustainable metal, practically eternal and completely recyclable for an infinite number of times. It is resistant to corrosion and is easy to work at both high and low temperatures. It is also characterized by high electrical, thermal and sound conductivity and a reflective capacity that favours energy saving.

For 60 years aluminium has been METRA Building’s ally: a deep bond that is determined by knowledge that concerns both the raw material and the entire production chain. Decades of updating, investments in technology and know-how make METRA Building products recognized worldwide as real excellence.

METRA Building
aluminium windows and doors,
8 good reasons

Essential and bright

Compact geometries that allow you to recover brightness in the environment. The technology reaches its maximum level and condenses to a thickness of only 63 mm. Beauty translates into design and is completed with concealed accessories and minimalist handles.

Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation

With HES (High Energy Saving) technology thermal insulation is at the highest performance levels. The reduction of energy costs in heating and cooling is ensured, as well as the living comfort made even higher by perfect sound insulation.

Practically eternal

Mechanical resistance, stability, robustness and maintenance reduced to a minimum. Numerous qualities and extraordinary advantages in a single material able to last forever.

Sleep soundly

Security guaranteed with class RC2 and RC3 burglar-proof systems. A perimeter locking system up to 16 points (burglar alarm predisposition) able to resist burglars and ill-intentioned intruders.

All colours of performance

Space for imagination in the choice of colours. Oxidised finishes, matt, glossy, high-glossy and wood-effect treatments under the Qualanod-Qualicoat-Seaside-Qualideco brand, also with antibacterial option. Guaranteed durability up to 30 years.

More space for movement

Aesthetics and accessibility in a single system that breaks down architectural barriers and allows easy access. With the lowered threshold, obstacles are reduced to a minimum.

Perfect integrated system

Handles, opening and closing devices, hinges, gaskets and corner cleats: all matching accessories, rigorously METRA Building originals, blend with the window and door to guarantee the best results.

Italian Excellence

All METRA Building windows and doors are extruded in Italy and meet the most selective international certifications. The best integrated production processes, combined with over 60 years of know-how, to create a beautiful and safe product with inimitable performance.


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