Services for the retailer

We provide numerous services for retailers and window and door fabricators who choose METRA Building aluminium windows and doors and solutions, certain that maximum collaboration and understanding with those in contact with the end customer is a guarantee for all players involved.
State-of-the-art programs, software dedicated to estimates and orders, configuration libraries at the service of the professional figures who are decisive in the sale of our products.

METRA Building DOC

All the documentation of the METRA Building ecosystem in one app

Metra Building DOC is the application that brings together constantly updated brochures, catalogues and technical manuals on windows, French windows, entrance doors, curtain walls, balconies, internal doors and partition walls.
The collection of information is always in its latest version and can be consulted online and offline. It allows professionals to research and explore the characteristics of windows and doors and their modifications in a simple and user-friendly way, as well as save documents on their device to share with customers.


The design wizard at your side.

METRA FP_PRO Wizard is able to dynamically make the technical choices shown in the catalogues, thanks to its architecture, the construction options of a window and door are automatically proposed by the software and pre-filtered in cascade. The available choices always respect the technical requirements, limiting errors.
Accessories and equipment to be considered in the estimate are self-determined during the process according to the series, the aesthetic line, the size of the profiles, the size of the structure and the type of opening.
Thanks to these parameters, the software can also manage and display any sizing errors during the calculation phase, such as the excessive weight of the sash according to the selected opening or the height with respect to the limits shown in the catalogue.
METRA FP_PRO Wizard considers the logistics aspect and the delivery time of the materials and once the quotation phase is completed it quickly generates an order for the necessary materials. All this simply by exporting the data already calculated into the METRAWebEdilizia service linked to the METRA Building management system.


Everything for aluminium curtain walls.

The METRA Building software for the design and estimation of aluminium curtain walls is born from the desire to provide support in the design and budgeting phase.
Integrated with METRA FP_PRO Wizard for casement systems, METRA Sky Plan is equipped with advanced controls such as façade modulation, graphic positioning of floors and automatic management of glazing and expansion joints.
The software contains the complete database of METRA Building archives and allows the import and export of the project to and from the most popular CAD software. METRA Sky Plan allows the calculation of wind load, moment of inertia and thermal transmittance (Ucw). The software offers with multiple reports the calculation of the material list and the definition of costs and the sales estimate.


The calculation of the average thermal transmittance.

METRAUw is the software for calculating the average thermal transmittance of METRA Building windows according to EN-ISO 10077-1.
The program makes it possible to construct the countless types of options that can be realised with METRA Building systems and, once the dimensions and type of glass have been defined, calculate the Uf value of each cross section of the structure, thus determining the Uw value of the type.


Design in freedom with the METRA Building library.

METRALib is the electronic library supporting the design with METRA Building systems in AutoCAD environment.

The software makes it possible to carry out multiple searches and directly insert every detail in the CAD interface for all the AutoCAD releases on the market today. The library is configurable in English, German and Spanish for both the interface and the database. The library contains more than 8000 drawings including accessories, profiles, gaskets, catalogue tables, wall installations and updates, as well as special technical solutions that allow the insertion of our systems into any architectural context.

METRA Web edilizia

Updated in real time.

This is the innovative service that METRA Building has designed for the sales network and customers, thanks to which it is possible to access a series of services via the Internet:

  • Order entry and management
  • Order progress status
  • Item availability classes
  • Video catalogue of profiles and accessories

All data available on METRA Web Edilizia are updated in real time.