Services for the designer

Designers and architects will have an indispensable partner in METRA Building. State-of-the-art programs, dedicated software, configuration libraries at the service of the professional figures involved in the decision-making, design and implementation processes in the building and architectural field.

METRA Building DOC

All the documentation of the METRA Building ecosystem in one app

Metra Building DOC is the application that brings together constantly updated brochures, catalogues and technical manuals on windows, French windows, entrance doors, curtain walls, balconies, internal doors and partition walls.
The collection of information is always in its latest version and can be consulted online and offline.
It allows professionals to search and consult documentation on METRA Building products in a simple and user-friendly way, as well as save documents on their device to share with their team.

M.A.P: Metra Assistance for Designers

The designer, with his visions and creativity is at the centre of everything.

METRA Building assists the designer and frees him from any technical-structural preconceptions. The MAP service is our gift to the freedom of expression of those who create. It offers free assistance in all phases of construction, from the project, to the specifications and testing to guarantee performance and quality in every construction, even the most challenging ones.


Tested suitability for use at the service of designers. The new testing frontier is METRALab, one of Europe's most advanced testing centres.

Compliant with European regulations and the most stringent US AAMA and ASTM standards, METRALab now also tests products for North America and all markets that use the same standards.
The most severe tests of air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance on facades and windows are now a reality and a security signed METRA Building.


MetraUw is the software for calculating the average thermal transmittance of METRA Building windows according to EN-ISO 10077-1.

The program makes it possible to construct the countless types of options that can be realised with METRA Building systems and, once the dimensions and type of glass have been defined, calculate the Uf value of each cross section of the structure, thus determining the Uw value of the type.


METRALib is the electronic library supporting the design with METRA Building systems in AutoCAD DWG environment.

The software makes it possible to carry out multiple searches and directly insert every detail in the DWG CAD interface for all the AutoCAD releases on the market today. The library is configurable in English, German and Spanish for both the interface and the database. The library contains more than 8000 drawings including accessories, profiles, gaskets, catalogue tables, wall installations and updates, as well as special technical solutions that allow the insertion of our systems into any architectural context.

BIM Library

METRA products in BIM format, downloadable free of charge.

Collection of models in Revit format of METRA windows and doors complete with all the technical data and definition levels necessary for integration in a BIM project.

METRA Building specifications

Detailed technical documentation for designers

METRA Building is the partner of every designer. It provides the technical description of the systems complete with the necessary information for METRA Building solutions.

Dimensions, materials, construction methods, performance and installation methods are the information contained in the specifications.


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