Shading systems

Maximum performance both in residential living and business spaces for METRA Building aluminium shading systems; eternal products that can be perfectly integrated into any architectural context, thanks to the infinite number of colours and finishes available in the catalogue. Excellence in materials and strong technological innovation are the main features of the METRA Building shading systems, sun blades and shutters.

With their light and heat/cold shielding function they ensure better room liveability, significant energy savings and an important economic benefit.

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Sunblades system

METRA Building Aluminium Sunblades system

Choosing between light, shade and darkness has never been so simple and beautiful, with the METRA Building aluminium sunblade system, workspaces as well as private homes can be adapted to the needs of those who live in them.

In this solution, the green soul of aluminium meets the technology of photovoltaic panels: inserted onto the blades, they produce clean energy with low environmental impact. The utmost care in the design of the photovoltaic solar shading allows the best use of free solar inputs when they have advantages and aims to eliminate or minimize them when they can be harmful, avoiding overheating in summer periods and ensuring efficient use of natural lighting in winter periods.

METRA Building’s aluminium sunblades make the architectural project unique and distinctive, they can have the same finishes as windows, doors and curtain walls and the automatisms can be managed by a home automation system.

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shutters and blinds

METRA Building Aluminium shutters and blinds

Style, strength, resistance and zero maintenance. METRA Building aluminium shutters are available in many finishes and unlimited colours, able to enhance both the façade and the living space.

Also available in the “folding” or “adjustable” version, they are the ideal choice for different architectural solutions – new buildings, conservative restorations, renovations – even in cases where strict environmental regulations must be respected.

Weatherproof, METRA Building aluminium shutters and blinds guarantee maximum water tightness, excellent resistance to air, salt and aggressive atmospheric agents.

Aluminium accessories complete the shutters: sturdy hinges support the shutter, enhancing its aesthetics, the hinges are “concealed” and the bolts are reinforced. All this to ensure maximum comfort together with the handle or sliding mechanisms and the different openings designed to guarantee ergonomic grips.

The METRA Building aluminium sliding shutter can be oversized compared to the normal window and can become the multi-track system of a large curtain wall or sliding wall.

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