Timeless beauty

Finishes and coatings to look at, touch and live. METRA aluminium is forever: with our tested finishes we aim to extend the life cycle of the product. Oxidised finishes, matt, glossy, extra glossy and wood effect treatments under the Qualanod – Qualicoat – Seaside – Qualideco brand, also with antibacterial option.

Treatments that guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion, stains and scratches for high aesthetic performance. 12 the stages that METRA Building aluminium windows and doors must go through before receiving the colour, the range embraces a world of colours able to satisfy the ideas of every designer. Guaranteed durability up to 30 years, METRA Building integrated aluminium systems are distinguished by almost zero maintenance and cleaning requirements.

3 the classifications according to which the weather resistance of the paints is catalogued. The test, carried out in Florida, foresees different durability: one year, three years and ten years.


Class 1
At least 50% gloss retention after one year.

Class 2
At least 50% gloss retention after 3 years (75% the first year, 65% the second year and 50% the third year).

Class 3
At least 50% gloss retention after 10 years (80% after three years, 55% after 7 years and 50% after 10 years).


At METRA Building, environmental protection is of primary importance. Industrial powder coating is in line with a policy of environmental sustainability. The powder coatings used do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) or toxic heavy metals.
METRA Building uses no solvents in the production process and its facilities and zero discharge, thus avoiding the dispersion of harmful substances that are harmful to both man and the environment.

AL line

The AL line range represents the most classic colours.
The traditional glossy finishes are flanked by opaque colours, with a covering effect and excellent scratch resistance

Raffaello line

The Raffaello line was developed in collaboration with important architecture firms and offers two different finishes: smooth and hammered. Both, thanks to a particular “pointillism” technique obtained by controlled mixing of several colours, give an exclusive effect to sight and touch.

Sablè line

The Sablé finishes have a multi-sensory effect for those who experience them… fantastic to look at and rough or satin to the touch. The sandblasted effect is very versatile, contemporary and easily combined with renovations and living spaces with an innovative flair.

Decor line

Decor combines the strength of aluminum with the aesthetic component of wood. The line faithfully reproduces the grain of traditional wood, thanks to the sublimation process carried out on the painted substrate.


The Earth line features a range of colours inspired by the colours of nature. Designed for welcoming atmospheres to be completed with colours that give the character that only nature can deliver to what it touches and expresses.

Finiture Earth


Technical, precise and design-oriented. The anodic line contains innovative colours, furnishing environments designed to convey technological and avant-garde concepts.

Finiture Anodic


Inspiration is the color line that reinterprets the representative trends of the most important architectural buildings. A range of colors inspired by the most influential aesthetic lines and the taste of the best designers, which can be used for any type of construction.

Finiture Inspiration


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