Curtain walls

Contemporary taste and great technology made available for architects and designers by METRA Building. Our Poliedra-Sky aluminium integrated curtain wall systems are designed to enhance the most ambitious architectural contexts at an aesthetic and structural level, freeing designers from structural constraints and offering them the possibility to make their design visions unique.

METRA Building curtain walls are a system capable of creating increasingly complex geometrical shapes in combination with glass, LAMINAM® ceramic, stone, wood and composites guaranteeing incredible durability, thermal insulation, soundproofing power, water tightness, resistance to air, salt and aggressive atmospheric agents.

The advantages are completed by energy saving, integrability with photovoltaic systems and high-quality opening-closing devices.

Performance, emotion and visions of the future with the Poliedra-Sky product range by METRA Building.

The ideal applications of curtain walls in residential construction are large glazing for verandas, winter gardens, stairwells and skylights in which they ensure a significant increase in brightness, use of sunlight and energy saving.

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Air pressure applied (150Pa) (300Pa) (450Pa) (600Pa) (>900Pa) (1200Pa)
Km/h 55,77 78,87 96,59 111,54 111,54 158
Class achieved R4 R5 R6 R7 RE1050 RE1200

Minimal Line – Origins Line – Linea strutturali-semistrutturali: RE1200
Linea a cellule: R7

Air pressure applied (300Pa) (450Pa) (600Pa) (750Pa) (1200Pa)
Up to Km/h 78,87 96,59 111,54 124,7 158

Minimal Line – Origins Line: 750Pa
Linea a cellule: 600Pa

Class achieved RC1 RC2 RC3

Minimal Line: Class RC2

Carico di progetto 2000Pa 1400Pa 1200Pa
Carico di sicurezza 3000Pa 2100Pa 1800Pa

Linea Minimali – Linea Origini – Linea Strutturali-semistrutturali (Poliedra sky 50S): 2000Pa
Linea Strutturali-semistrutturali (Poliedra sky 50CV – Poliedra sky 60CV): 1400Pa
Linea a cellule: 1200Pa

Pressione massima (150Pa) (300Pa) (450Pa) (600Pa) (>600Pa)
Fino a 1 2 3 4 E

Linea Strutturali-semistrutturali: Classe 4
Linea Origini: Classe E

Up to 50 dB

Minimal Line (Poliedra sky 35 lux) – Origins Line (Poliedra sky 50): 50 dB

Drop height 200 mm 300 mm 450 mm 700 mm 950 mm
Class achieved 1 2 3 4 5

Origins Line (Poliedra sky 50) – Linea a cellule: Classe 5