METRA Building aluminium balcony systems are synonymous with essentiality, durability and safety. Created to complete the range of aluminium windows and doors, the balcony systems are divided into a wide range of solutions that fit into the most varied architectural contexts: indoor and outdoor, parapets, balconies, walkways, corridors, stairs and railings.

All METRA Building aluminium balcony systems are certified to meet the strictest safety standards and guarantee maximum inalterability to atmospheric agents over time. They are available in numerous versions and in various styles with powder coating to ensure minimum maintenance.

The GLASS line is extremely contemporary, all-glass. A proposal that meets the approval of the most visionary designers and that takes advantage of the charm of transparency in the most appealing living spaces.

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Drop height200 mm300 mm450 mm700 mm950 mm
Class achieved12345

Minimal Line – Origins Line: Class I5

NTC 2018
Applicato al bordo1000 N/m2000 N/m
Superiore del vetro100 Kg/m200 Kg/m

Minimal Line – Origins Line: 2000 N/m – 200 Kg/m

Use typePublic use
Drop height300 mm

Minimal Line