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METRA RE.AL.E’s new alloy innovation honoured at the 2023 Window and Door Awards
On 20 September, at the Winter Garden of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Verona, the ‘Window and Door Awards 2023’ were held, an event organised by the trade magazine Guida Finestra. Three categories and more than thirty selected companies including METRA Building that participated in the ‘sustainability, latest frontiers’ category with a range of innovative […]
New acknowledgment for RE.AL.E. alloys: the achievement of EPD certification
METRA Building‘s commitment to respond to environmental sustainability objectives continues. Real is the green response that METRA Building intends to give through responsible aluminium production and processing. This is why the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), the global multi-stakeholder organisation linked to the aluminium value chain that defines standards and certification, recognises METRA Building among its […]
NC-S 175 HES LUX: the system that provides comfort, functionality and performance at the highest level
NC-S 175 HES LUX is the METRA Building sliding system designed for large sliding doors. Through its features, it meets precise aesthetic, technical and structural requirements. The product ensures maximum transparency, making it the perfect solution for all those seeking luminosity / brightness within the environment and a light and minimal structure for their windows […]
METRA Building steps onto the podium of the Oscar del Serramento with the product NC 75 HES LUX
During the Window and Door Forum held on 15 and 16 November in Rimini, the ‘Oscar del Serramenti’ award was presented, an event organised by the trade magazine Guida Finestra. METRA Building entered the competition for the ‘Aesthetics and Design’ category with the NC 75 HES LUX system, a perfect solution for creating spaces of […]
The Inspiration line is born: a collection of finishes inspired by major architectural achievements
Inspiration is the colour line of finishes that reinterprets the representative trends of the most iconic buildings constructed with METRA Building products. These large constructions influence the style of the entire building industry, inspiring private buildings as well. The line includes a range of colours inspired by the most influential aesthetic trends and is made […]
METRA Building presents the most iconic buildings created by the Architectural Solutions division
METRA Building, with its Architectural Solutions division, supplies the world with engineered aluminium solutions, developed by specialists who, together with the most visionary designers, collaborate in the conception and realisation of buildings bound to make architectural design history. The projects have achieved international fame, becoming the symbol of the very cities that host them. With […]
Commitment and respect for the environment: METRA Building presents the new RE.AL.E alloys for a green future
Recycling, control and responsibility. These are the three principles of METRA Building’s work, under the banner of sustainability and social responsibility. The company’s production, part of a highly integrated and controlled supply chain, is based on the processing and recovery of aluminium. This metal, due to its characteristics such as durability, one hundred per cent […]
PROMOTED BY METRA BUILDING, WINS THE DAY AT FUTURA EXPO WITH THE AWARDING OF THE WINNERS Brescia 3 October 2022 – A project created to bear witness, through images, to the special and valuable prerogatives of aluminium in the construction of artefacts for building and architecture. This is the “International Author’s Competition”, an important initiative […]
METRA Building: in compliance with the new requirements of the CAM decree
New important news for the building sector. On 6 August, the new CAM decree on minimum environmental criteria for construction was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic. It will enter into force in December 2022, abolishing the old decree of 11 October 2017. A directive, based on the principles of the circular […]


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