METRA Building

METRA Building stands out as a leading player in the industry for high levels of quality and production innovation.

Internationalization, specialization, verticalization and a fully integrated supply chain are the cornerstones of our Group, built through an industrial history that goes back a long way and, since its origins, has been represented by aluminium extrusion aimed at the production of complex profiles.

The Group

extruded aluminium per year
of production sites
1.450 Employees
45 Countries served worldwide


At METRA Building, we offer premium quality products that ensure excellent functionality and performance to meet any design requirement. The production is backed by major national and international certifications.


We provide comprehensive support, with detailed technical documentation and materials for in-depth product and regulatory discussions. At METRA Building we offer assistance with tender specifications, ensuring complete technical descriptions of our aluminium systems. A dedicated team, including sales and technical specialists, provides advice and assistance on the ground, as well as advanced technical training through METRA Academy. With an integrated production process, we guarantee quality, reliability and support in the supply of finished products.