A project created to bear witness, through images, to the special and valuable prerogatives of aluminium in the construction of building and architectural artefacts.

An appointment of rigour dedicated to designers and window and door fabricators for the realisation of important works of particular aesthetic value, carried out with traditional or innovative technologies and taking into account the regulations in force in terms of energy saving, acoustic insulation, living comfort, attention to recycling.

The four categories admitted to the competition

New construction in residential

Conservative restoration and rehabilitation, renovation, expansion

New construction in the tertiary sector/public buildings

Construction of building envelopes with innovative technologies (photovoltaic, bioclimatic, point source, home automation, etc.)

Registration and regulations

Registration is now open for the XXIII International Author Competition!
Registration is free and can be done via the “sign up” button.
Once logged in, it will be possible to download and fill out the application form, which will be confirmed by sending an email to the mailbox indicated during registration. By entering username and password it will be possible to move on to step 2, which involves filling in the form of the candidate work and uploading photographs related to the work in question (minimum 5 and maximum 20, we recommend a resolution between 2 and 5 MB).
Each participant may submit one or more realizations. For each submitted project it will be necessary to fill out the appropriate form. It is important to emphasize that each applicant has the obligation to notify all interested parties (facetizer/screener and/or designer and/or client) of participation in this competition. The material must be developed in Italian or English. Entries will be judged by the unappealable and unquestionable judgment of the designated technical jury, composed of authoritative and qualified figures from academia, design, business and industry. The jurors will examine the entries received and point o ut the most deserving ones, thus decreeing the winners of the edition.


Discover the winners of the 22nd edition of the International Author Competition