METRA Building

At METRA Building we support every stage of the project in order to ensure achievements of great architectural value.

Internationalisation, specialisation, verticalization and a fully integrated supply chain are the pillars of our Group, built through an industrial history that goes back a long way and, since its origins, has been represented by aluminium extrusion for the production of complex profiles.

Integrated production chain

From the concept to the actual project, METRA Building follows every stage of the job, including large buildings, thanks to 18 extrusion presses with a total capacity of 190,000 tonnes per year.
Not only design, but also testing: our METRALab is one of the most advanced test centres in Europe, also complying with the most stringent AAMA and ASTM US standards, which allows us to carry out the strictest possible tests on our aluminium curtain walls as well as windows and doors.



METRA Building offers a unique collaborative approach with industry professionals. Thanks to decades of know-how, our team works closely with facade designers, planners and architects, supporting them in project definition and integrating their creative vision with state-of-the-art aluminium solutions. This method of working allows us to realise architectural projects that fully reflect expectations in terms of design and technology. METRA Building is the ideal partner for projects that aspire to redefine the boundaries of innovative design and sustainable technology.


METRA Building produces premium quality aluminium windows and doors in its own plants, ensuring precision, reliability, efficiency and adherence to production schedules. Each stage of our production process is controlled and certified, guaranteeing products of excellence. Our production is also aimed at responding to the needs of the planet, minimising the impact on the environment, fixing new targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, renewing production plants and making investments to be increasingly sustainable.