METRA Building,
a green choice

For METRA Building thinking green comes naturally, sustainability is in our DNA, such as aluminium, chosen and processed with respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds us. There are many aspects that define us as sustainable, among them:

  • the aluminium of the windows and doors is 100% recyclable
  • we use low carbon alloys with high percentages of recycled aluminium
  • the whole METRA Building production is characterized by the recovery of water and exhaust fumes
  • processing waste is 100% recycled
  • the production is marked out by energy saving and is often powered by natural fuels (methane)

Get green with us

Aluminium is a sustainable material, has high durability and can be recycled 100% and infinitely without losing its unique qualities and maintaining its residual value.

Aluminium plays a leading role in the construction of sustainable buildings with low environmental impact: it favours the complete utilization of natural light, guarantees energy saving and ensures maximum thermal insulation.

Installing METRA Building aluminium windows and doors means making a conscious choice in full respect of the environment. Aluminium windows and doors can be integrated in the most diverse contexts, even those subject to environmentally protective restrictions.


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