Certified excellence

METRA Building controls and verifies every phase of the aluminium production cycle, from extrusion to painting and coating, in order to ensure excellent performance in every processing stage in the absolute sense. METRA Building windows and doors are all CE marked, manufactured in Europe and certified by major national and international bodies.

Each product adapts to multiple architectural requirements and is characterized by superior resistance to all latitudes and climatic zones. METRA Building products stand out in terms of durability, thermal and acoustic insulation and extreme resistance to water and salt. They can also be burglar-proof and scratch-proof.

Each customer and each partner can check independently and in complete transparency the METRA Building certifications on the company portal.


METRA Building windows and doors, designed and produced with the utmost care and attention, are tested by the most prestigious European Notified Bodies in accordance with the relevant product standards. The test reports obtained (ITT) are made available to all customers, via cascading, so that they can be used for the CE marking of the windows and doors.


METRA Building integrated systems are Qualanod certified, guaranteeing the high quality and durability of the anodized aluminium used.


Qualideco certifies the decorated finishes – wood-effect type – and guarantees the technologies used for these treatments. Specifically, it guarantees the quality of the image transfer on a painted support by sublimation and using the powder-on-powder technology.

Qualicoat Seaside

Painting on aluminium for architectural applications meets with Qualicoat specific high-level requirements (also for architectural applications in coastal zones). Qualicoat certifies that:

  • specifications have been established on the processes, products and tests to be carried out in coating plants
  • specific licences have been issued to coating plants
  • the correct application of the specifications in the coating plants has been monitored

Qualitherm is a quality label for “thermal break” aluminium profiles for windows and doors. The technical guidelines of the Qualitherm label specify the minimum requirements for raw materials, laboratory equipment and the finished product.


Metra adopts a quality management system in line with ISO 9001 standards, as certified by RINA, a global player in the sector, accredited by ACCREDIA, ANAB, INMETRO and NABCB.

RINA ISO 14001

As ascertained by RINA, a global player in the sector, the ISO 14001 certification demonstrates METRA’s commitment to adopting an effective environmental management system to support the company’s eco-sustainability objectives. Thanks to a systematic management approach, in fact, METRA favors the achievement of a real and certified balance between environment, society and economy.


METRA’s PosaClima system, applicable to METRA Building windows, doors and shutters, is recognised as one of the most advanced and complete methods for the installation of windows and doors on the market today. In fact, it has been studied and tested to guarantee top-level performance in terms of thermo-acoustic comfort and energy saving in general. Thanks to the PosaClima system, METRA Building customers can easily obtain the “certified installer” certification.


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