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The Sign

An urban regeneration project led by Covivio, The Sign breathes new life into the area that, in the 1950s, was occupied by the former Vedani Foundry, and converts it into a Business District in which sociality and the city still find great focus. With a total area of over 27,000 square metres, it houses the headquarters of multinational companies, but also a square open to the public. A sprout of life in an area, located in the south-west quadrant of Milan, that is showing the extraordinary ability to shine typical of Milanese dynamism. From the attractive design to the innovative planning, The Sign is also particularly recognisable for its external envelope characterised by an offset between the floors connected by a special sill unit that guarantees its performance. The strongly contemporary curtain wall of the three buildings features a series of golden strips alternating with glass. Aesthetically linking the buildings is the element that gives the project its name: a transparent fracture that unites all the curtain walls.

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