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The Bower

Reinventing underperforming 1960s buildings to create a living, breathing mix of workspace, shops and restaurants and a new public space. Designed by award-winning architects AHMM, The Bower, located in East London, has given the historic Old Street district a contemporary ambience with an eye-catching design that has made it one of the British capital’s most popular business destinations. There are three buildings that compose it, each characterised by distinctive elements, but united by integrity and utility. The Tower, completed in August 2018, offers 16,000 square metres of the total 30,000 allocated for office space in which an innovative vision of working coexistence is brought to life by carefully considered floor plans that maximise staffing without compromising comfort, creating airy and welcoming layouts. The structure, imposing and majestic, has been made immediately recognisable thanks to the contemporary-style curtain wall that offers excellent views of London and the brightness of the internal spaces.

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