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New Office of the Galba Company

The new offices of the Galba company, based in the Brescia area, are represented by a balanced combination of different architectural solutions. These include striated aluminium mesh, used as a sunshade for the raised floors and as an alternative for the building extension, a canopy surrounding the building and a dynamic entrance characterised by an external projecting platform roof. The architecture also features a large ventilated façade clad with Alucobond composite panels made with non-orthogonal cuts, while on the ground floor the glazing is made with a stick construction curtain wall system. Another distinguishing element of the building is the corner in the entrance area highlighted by an stretched aluminium mesh coating.

Curtain walling, stick construction line, POLIEDRA-SKY 50 series.
Curtain walls, ventilated URANO WALL.
Shades – Sunblades.
Casement windows and patio doors, Origini line, series NC 75 HES.
Entrance doors, Origini line, series NC 75 HES.