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Millennium Building

Located in the heart of Tirana, this multifunctional building – a mix of shopping centre and office space – saw the light between 2005 and 2013. With its nine storeys and a height of about 40 metres, the reinforced concrete structure offers a total space of about 10,000 m2. The façades, made of approximately 60,000 kg of aluminium, are an expression of architectural innovation. The choice of doors, windows and shutters, including the NC 65 STH and NC 150 STH series, reflects attention to detail and compliance with regulations. The finishes, coordinated by the renowned Architecture Studio, embrace Anthracite Grey and oxidised silver, creating an aesthetic harmony. In this context, Millennium Building stands out for strictly adhering to METRA Building standards, ensuring quality and uniqueness in architecture.

Shades – Sunshades, Sliding Shutters.
Entrance Doors.
Curtain walls, minimal line, Poliedra-Sky 50, Poliedra-Sky 50 CV, Poliedra-Sky 50 S.