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ICS Milan School

Designed by architects Barreca & La Varra, the Symbiosis Campus of ICS Milan International School is a project that started in 2018 and will be used by students at the beginning of 2021. With a volume of over 60,000 cubic metres, it is characterised by iconic facades and bold technical solutions. Built at the Symbiosis masterplan, Covivio’s business district, it sees the POLIEDRA 50 S curtain wall series with semi-reflective glazing as its signature, giving the building its uniqueness. A sheet metal shell with double, sophisticated processing – the visual trait d’union of the entire building – transfers variations in the aesthetic perception of the building to the eye of the beholder depending on the viewing distance. An opaque plane, in fact, will show itself when focused on from a long distance, while an iridescent and brilliant filter will stand out up close thanks to the interaction with sunlight. 

Curtain walls, structural/semi-structural line POLIEDRA-SKY 50 series.