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Grace House

The house, set in a private urbanisation with wide open spaces, transformed a 1970s house through the creative use of travertine marble. METRA Building’s minimal windows optimise internal light, providing privacy and elegance. Every detail is precisely sculpted, from the cubic openings to the terraces, creating a round geometric volume. The 45° orientation amplifies the indoor-outdoor bond on all sides, while the internal design reflects a range of materials: ceramic, wood, and marble. Natural and artificial lighting is integrated with an advanced domotics system. This house, guided by the principles of Well Building, offers a harmonious fusion of internal and external spaces, with diverse landscapes and refined METRA Building systems.

Casement windows and patio doors, Origins line, NC 50 STH series.
Sliding windows and patio doors, Minimal line, NC-S 120 STH SLIM series.