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Biblioteca Civica

The Verano Brianza library, inaugurated in 2010, is an elegant fusion of solidity and transparency along the city’s main arterial road. The structure with three above-ground and one subgrade storey, made of steel and reinforced concrete, symbolises a book open to knowledge.

The innovative design includes a solid foundation and an upper cover of layered wood, with ribbon windows on the north side recalling page cuts. Technological details such as the Polierdra 50 curtain wall on the ground floor, NC50STH on the upper floors and customised inverted ‘H’ sunblades provide a unique aesthetic. Colours such as RAL 9006 HA7 for the windows and doors and a striking sand tone for the sunblades integrate perfectly into the context.

The spacious and bright atrium, with zenithal skylights, offers a visual connection across the floors. External spaces between the garden and the square add versatility, making the library a place of knowledge and a focal point for cultural events. This structure represents an excellent synthesis of aesthetics, technical performance and functionality, deserving of special recognition.

Shades – Sunblades.
Poliedra-Sky 50 curtain walls.