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METRA Building: in compliance with the new requirements of the CAM decree

28 September 2022

New important news for the building sector. On 6 August, the new CAM decree on minimum environmental criteria for construction was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic. It will enter into force in December 2022, abolishing the old decree of 11 October 2017.

A directive, based on the principles of the circular economy, the provisions of which apply to public works and also in the case of works covered by the 110% Superbonus. A decree that introduces many novelties both in terms of product requirements and in terms of the requirements of the personnel in charge of installation on site. Metra Building has already responded: the new EPD product certifications issued at the beginning of 2022 fully meet the requirement.

As regards the product and therefore the windows and doors made with the METRA Building series, in addition to the obligation of CE marking of the same, the window and door manufacturer will have to declare the percentage of recycled material contained in the product and its disassemblability at the end of its life. These requirements are met thanks to the recently obtained EPD (Environment Product Declaration) certification.
From the point of view of internal well-being, the designer is invited to verify the absence of condensation in the junction between the window frame and masonry, a requirement that is again fully met by METRA Building products, combined with the “Posaclima” solution.

The decree also invites the designer to use shading devices, such as a shutter, a blind or a sun blades, if the glass cannot meet the requirements: all solutions present in the METRA Building product range.

The novelties do not only concern the products, but also continue in the installation process, specifically affecting the figure of the installer. The new CAM indications, in fact, oblige the client to assess the technical capacity of the installers. One of the tools to achieve this will be the certification of window and door installers in accordance with the UNI 11673-2 standard, with consequent registration in Accredia’s National Register of Installers. Certification that in other words requires the EQF3 Senior Installer’s Patent. A licence that must not only be exhibited by the owner or foreman, but by all those involved in the installation of windows and doors.

For METRA Building, thinking Green is natural. Sustainability along the entire value chain is one of the principles that guides the company’s work. A path that has long been taken with conviction.