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29 September 2021

METRA Building wins the Oscar “del Serramento” 2021 – the initiative thought to award the excellence in the world of windows and doors promoted by guidafinestra.it: POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX climbs on the first step of the podium in the “Profiles” section.

Ettore Bonetti and Giovanni Bertucci, respectively Sales and Marketing Director and Technical Director of METRA Building, attended the award ceremony – held during the Forum Serramenti in Vicenza.

The event was an opportunity for a constructive discussion on the topic of windows and doors,
great satisfaction and sincere thanks to the organisers of guidafinestra.it and to all those who voted for POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX.

“This Oscar is a great result,” said Mr. Bertucci “POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX is the result of years of experience on the custom market, working side by side with the world’s most visionary architects to make their dreams come true. Created as a unique piece at the request of the architect Canali for the Prada headquarters in the province of Arezzo, the 35 mm curtain wall was then industrialised by our team of experts and added to the Minimal Line.
POLIEDRA is a historical name in METRA Building and recalls the great versatility of our integrated systems, LUX stands for the maximum openness towards brightness of our award-winning product”.

POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX is ideal for creating glazed surfaces and curtain walls with great visual and aesthetic impact, and is an essential profile with great performance with only 35 mm of architectural dimension. A real condensate of technology: mullion depth variable between 75 and 175 mm, ideal for the construction of glazing and large mirrors with thicknesses up to 60 mm and load-bearing capacities up to 380 kg for each module. It is burglar-proof class RC2 and can be fitted with single or double glazing for better thermal insulation.

Here are the main technical features of POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX:

  • Thermal transmittance 1.0 ÷ 1.4 W / m2K
  • Air permeability class AE
  • Water tightness class RE1200
  • Acoustic insulation 50 decibels
  • Impact resistance I5