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New acknowledgment for RE.AL.E. alloys: the achievement of EPD certification

26 June 2023

METRA Building‘s commitment to respond to environmental sustainability objectives continues. Real is the green response that METRA Building intends to give through responsible aluminium production and processing. This is why the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), the global multi-stakeholder organisation linked to the aluminium value chain that defines standards and certification, recognises METRA Building among its members.
The targets are increasingly ambitious, including the desire to reduce GHG emissions by 2% within the three-year period. Investment in research and technology to improve the company’s environmental performance is therefore necessary and ongoing.
Among METRA’s many achievements are the innovative METRA low carbon alloys RE.AL.E., produced at the company’s headquarters in Rodengo Saiano (BS).
The three syllables of the name, “RE” (recycle), “AL” (aluminium) and “E” (extrusion), summarise the value, vision and green mission of the company, capable of creating concrete and real answers to the new needs of social and environmental sustainability.
The circularity of METRA Building’s entire supply chain (from extrusion, waste recovery, casting, to the production of new alloys) is the essence of a sustainable approach, verified and recognised through the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the latest certification accredited by METRA Building after ISO 14001.

An environmental declaration with LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) at its core: a study that analyses the energy loads and environmental impacts associated with the various life phases of the product under study. METRA Building boasts a double EPD certification: the first one recognised for the Italian and European market for the finished products manufactured with its systems; the second, and last to be obtained, related to the RE.AL.E. aluminium alloy billet, a certification validated by both EPD Italy and BRE Group valid for the UK market.

Three types of alloys and five proposals based on the type and quantity of recycled material. Because aluminium is a durable, recyclable, light and strong metal, the ideal material to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.