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NC-S 175 HES LUX: the system that provides comfort, functionality and performance at the highest level

30 March 2023

NC-S 175 HES LUX is the METRA Building sliding system designed for large sliding doors. Through its features, it meets precise aesthetic, technical and structural requirements.

The product ensures maximum transparency, making it the perfect solution for all those seeking luminosity / brightness within the environment and a light and minimal structure for their windows and doors.

It provides excellent thermal performance and can also be fitted with an embedded floor sill, special stainless-steel carriages and guides that guarantee excellent smoothness.

The product is also very versatile in terms of the types of sliding doors that can be realised with it: from the basic 1 sliding sash and 1 fixed sash to the 6-panel 3-track corner door, passing through 2 sliding sashes and 2 fixed sashes just to name a few
of possible combinations.

Finally, the NC-S 175 HES LUX is equipped with the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification that defines the consumption of resources and impacts on the surrounding environment at the various stages of the product’s life cycle, ensuring METRA Building’s green commitment in the production of this system.