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Modern Office Partition Walls: how to divide an Open-space environment

06 March 2024

Little private space, little peace of mind: open spaces are not always the best solutions for workplaces. A very good help comes in this case from partition walls. In this article, we show the features and advantages of partition walls for modern, comfortable offices in which to work.

In Italy and elsewhere, there are many offices designed in open-plan mode, in which even dozens of desks coexist in the same large room. Over the past decades, the open space solution has gained much acclaim due to its ability to break down all barriers, facilitating communication and collaboration between colleagues, not to mention the fair savings in space and resources.

But, in recent times, many workers complain about a lack of privacy and quietness that allows them to work well. In an open-space office, it is a constant succession of chattering, ringing, notifications, clicking, laughing: this constant noise can cause nervousness, distraction and, thus, lower work productivity. In addition, continuous contact with colleagues can cause stress.

Partition walls are the best solution for transforming an open-plan office into an environment where everyone enjoys working.
Being able to be chosen in a discrete variety of shapes, materials and characteristics, partition walls allow any requirement to be met and customised to achieve the best possible organisation of space.

What are partition walls

Partition walls are non-load-bearing structures that have the task of dividing any type of room into smaller, better-organised spaces. It is particularly useful to use partition walls in modern offices, with customised solutions or compositional modules that contribute to a more logical and effective distribution of space. In addition, partition walls are also aesthetically pleasing, thus increasing the aesthetic value of the room and the entire corporate image.

There are many types of partition walls, each designed to meet a variety of needs. They can be of different materials, such as wood, aluminium and glass.
They can also be fixed or movable, provide for the presence or absence of a door or the assembly of furniture elements.

To achieve a modern, state-of-the-art office, where it is a pleasure to work and welcome customers, the best solution is glass partition walls with aluminium mullions, such as those offered by METRA Building.

The advantages of partition walls for modern offices

The advantages of implementing modern office partitions are multiple.

Space distribution according to requirements

Over time, the space requirements of an office can change. Partition walls are perfect for reorganising space quickly and effectively: they are easy to move, dismantle and reassemble, and obviously require less work, shorter timeframes and lower labour costs than masonry wall construction.

Partition walls: a non-invasive solution

Partition walls involve a slightly higher outlay than normal partition panels, but they give the room a completely different look: more liveable, more professional, more aesthetically pleasing.

It is also a much less expensive, invasive and definitive intervention compared to the installation of plasterboard or masonry walls, which, on the other hand, require much more demanding work. Compared to more definitive walls, moreover, the installation of partition walls does not require building permits, nor ordinary or extraordinary maintenance work; they can also be quickly installed in already operational rooms, without having to suspend work in the office or dirty up with plaster, paint and building materials.

Partition walls are therefore the ideal solution for dividing up space tastefully and effectively.

Partition walls: ideal sound insulation

One of the main problems of the open-space office is the presence of continuous noise that decreases concentration. Creating separate office spaces with partition walls also means achieving quieter, more pleasant environments in which people work with more comfort and productivity. The materials from which office partition walls are made often have sound-absorbing properties, which guarantee the silence needed to work well.

This noise barrier obviously also allows internal sounds not to propagate to the outside world: an ideal solution for workers who frequently have confidential calls, meetings or conferences.
Sound insulation of partition walls therefore also provides the privacy that an open-plan office cannot offer.

More privacy with glass partition walls

Glass partition walls are especially ideal for modern offices where you do not want to completely lose the attractiveness of the open space solution. In fact, glass makes it possible to subdivide spaces intelligently, while maintaining the visual continuity of the rooms.
This also provides more brightness and the feeling of being in much larger spaces than those divided by partition walls made of other materials.

Partition walls non onfly for offices

Partition walls are mostly used in modern, functional offices, but they can also be used in other contexts: lofts, warehouses, commercial buildings, and any type of open space that can have multiple uses. They can be used to create waiting rooms in clinics or private studies in modern homes.

Since they do not require permissions and can be installed easily and quickly, partition walls are the optimal choice for anyone who simply needs to divide up space.

METRA Building glass and aluminium partition walls

Building on its experience in the use of aluminium and glass for high quality architectural elements such as aluminium windows and doors or external balconies, METRA Building offers glass and aluminium partition walls to maximise their effectiveness, structure and aesthetics.

As explained above, glass is a special material that allows the creation of partition walls that are unique in their aesthetics and functionality. Open-plan spaces are impeccably divided, providing privacy and soundproofing, but without sacrificing spatial communication and the presence of the most precious natural light. Glass partitioned offices are therefore aesthetically elegant, highly practical and perfectly liveable.

Aluminium is the material of excellence that makes all this possible because, as a very resistant material, it makes it possible to obtain even very large glass partition walls without the need for additional supports. You can therefore enjoy very large glass walls without losing the visual continuity and transparency typical of this material.

In addition, the use of aluminium allows the glass partition to be customised with frames of different widths and thicknesses, which can present a wide variety of colours and finishes, such as oxidation or sandblasting, to adapt the wall to any office aesthetic requirement.

METRA Building’s Glass Partition walls provide solidity, comfort and excellent aesthetics. They can be chosen in different opening types, sliding as well as casement solutions with or without frames, linear or angular, with large glazing and glass decals, and with matching interior doors to complete the room.