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Modern Aluminium Windows: for a State-of-the-art Home

03 October 2022

For those who are building or renovating a contemporary home, the choice often falls on modern windows that fit perfectly with the style of the home and its furnishings. But what does it mean to install modern windows, and on the basis of which parameters are they chosen?

As a fundamental element of the home, the window has a very long history behind it: it dates back to Roman times and has undergone continuous modifications and improvements over the centuries. It can be said that those we have in our homes are already modern windows, in the historical and chronological sense of the term. But when we talk about choosing modern windows, we are looking for something else: for example, glass-only windows, or windows built with materials and techniques that allow one’s home to perfectly reflect a contemporary style.

The underlying objective is often to:

  • enrich the sensorial perception of space;
  • to make the gap between inside and outside more harmonious;
  • to open up spaces by giving them more breathing space and more light.

Choosing modern windows means making a careful selection of the frame material, the glass and its characteristics, but also other elements. If the goal is to create a modern home, windows should be of minimal thickness and profiles, with a small footprint that favours the all-glass effect, as well as refined, secure, robust and light at the same time. All these qualities are guaranteed by an exceptional material such as aluminium, as well as other characteristics that we will go into in more detail below.

How to choose a modern window?

Modern windows are those that combine high performance with excellent aesthetics. Customers want modern windows that at the same time:

  • guarantee high performance: the windows and doors must provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, have glass and elements that protect the house from break-ins and the most violent weather conditions, allow adequate ventilation and easy maintenance;
  • are beautiful to look at: modern windows are not just an outlet to the outdoors, they are true pieces of furniture, which must fit into the stylistic context of the home in a harmonious and balanced way. The beauty of a modern window is its shape, the customisation allowed by the many finishes available, and the choice of materials that make it elegant and visually light.

Here, then, are the elements to consider when choosing modern windows and doors.

Frame material: aluminium is the ideal solution for modern windows

For several years, minimal and industrial styles have been favoured by design experts. Trade magazines show modern windows with slim, refined profiles, which let in plenty of light and harmoniously frame the outside view. These modern windows are in most cases made of aluminium, the material that best suits contemporary windows.

Aluminium is a material with multiple properties and can provide countless advantages to those who choose it for their modern windows and doors. Lightweight and with clean profiles, aluminium guarantees maximum customisation in terms of colours and finishes, and is perfectly suited to casement windows, sliding windows and bright all-glass windows. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it is also an extremely suitable material for windows and doors from a performance point of view: solid, ultra-resistant, recyclable and therefore reusable, with great performance in terms of insulation thanks to its thermal break.

It is perfect for the most fashionable styles of the moment, but not only: aluminium is also the ideal material for more rustic and vintage houses because, in these cases, it creates a stylistic contrast that makes the house more modern without losing personality and character.

In terms of frame material, ultimately, those looking for modern windows can only opt for aluminium: discreet and refined, it will adapt to any style and will always remain modern over time.

Modern Aluminium Windows

Product types: hinged, sliding and more

As the years go by, the technologies involved in modern window construction become more and more sophisticated; today, there are many possibilities to choose from.
Among the many solutions on the market, METRA Building offers two main product types for windows and balcony doors that, although classic, continue to offer the best solution in terms of performance for even the most modern windows and doors.

There are the casement windows and balcony doors, which feature a high level of technology and perfect mechanics. In particular, the Minimal Line and the Origini Line offer modern window solutions that are both beautiful to look at and extremely practical to use in everyday life; all casement windows are prepared to be moved automatically thanks to the use of home automation, again combining practicality and modernity. METRA Building casement windows can be combined with curtain wall systems and are adaptable to any aluminium finish; they are extremely practical, promote ideal ventilation and are very easy to clean and maintain.

Then there are the sliding windows and balcony doors, mainly characterised by large transparent surfaces that enhance spaces and make them extremely bright. METRA Building sliding windows move on two or three tracks and are equipped with mechanics built to the highest standards of technology. Once again, these are modern windows that can be set up for home automation and guarantee a good night’s sleep thanks to their burglar-proof characteristics; they are also perfect for large houses that allow for large glazing, as well as for smaller houses, because they allow for optimised space.

Shape and size: a modern window that adapts to its owner’s wishes

When thinking about modern windows and doors, they must fit the look we want to give our home. The shape and size of the window naturally affect the style of the window itself and, consequently, that of the whole house. Usually, in more modern homes, square or rectangular windows are chosen, with well-defined, yet minimalist and essential profiles and angles; however, there is nothing to prevent us from opting for round or semi-circular shapes, which combine different styles, giving the home a unique character.

Size is also very important to consider: if the house allows it, choosing modern windows and doors means opting for windows that are as large as possible, because the watchwords are, once again, brightness and continuity. You can opt for large windows, or even for curtain walls, which replace closed surfaces with real glass walls.

When it comes to customisation and flexibility in terms of both shape and size, aluminium is once again the material of choice for modern windows. First of all, aluminium is an extremely ductile and malleable material and, as such, suitable to be bent and machined into any desired shape. In addition, aluminium is a very solid and resistant material, which makes it possible to create even very large modern windows; these are real windows, up to 3 metres in length and/or height, which aluminium can safely support without any additional reinforcement.

Modern Aluminium Windows

Glass: the perfect combination of light and protection

A modern window must perfectly combine the use of aluminium material with the choice of glass. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is now possible to choose between types of glazing with very different characteristics, both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

From the latter point of view, modern windows and doors primarily require double or triple glazing, which keeps the house at the right temperature and provides peace of mind in terms of both sound insulation and security against potential intruders.

Modern window glass can then be treated in a variety of ways to allow rooms in the house to achieve different degrees of brightness and warmth. There are extra-light glass panes which, due to their extreme transparency, provide more light and the feeling that the house is one with its surroundings.

Modern Aluminium Windows

The special feature of glass-only windows: modern windows where the boundaries between inside and outside disappear

Those who want the modern window by exception, in keeping with the latest tastes, should not overlook the all-glass window, which means glazing that provide wonderful continuity between the house and its surroundings.

What are glass-only windows?

These are windows whose frame is recessed directly into the wall, becoming invisible and thus allowing the window to appear as a sheet of glass perfectly integrated into the architectural context. All-glass and aluminium windows are the truly ideal solution for a state-of-the-art home; they have an aluminium frame visible on the inside of the house, with thin, well-finished profiles, which then disappear on the outside of the house. The result is a modern all-glass window that guarantees not only a high level of aesthetics, but also unbeatable brightness; all while maintaining the excellent properties of aluminium and the ever-present thermal-acoustic insulation that a modern window absolutely cannot do without.

Glass and aluminium-only windows can be used in new houses, wherever the structure allows; they are truly scenic in natural settings, where rooms and landscape blend harmoniously, but they also fit perfectly in modern city houses. Thanks to double or triple glazing and reinforcing elements, single-glazed windows guarantee an excellent level of security and energy savings.

How much do modern windows cost?

As can be seen from this article, the elements to consider when choosing modern windows are many and very heterogeneous; for this reason, determining the cost of a modern window a priori is not possible. Today, the beauty of this choice also lies in the possibility of customising individual details according to one’s needs: a tailor-made estimate is always the most practical solution. You can rely on professionals in the sector, such as METRA Building, for initial advice: the experts know how to listen to their customers’ wishes, providing advice and drawing up the most suitable estimate for each situation.