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Minimal windows: what they are and why to choose them

09 January 2024

Windows with minimal profiles are the best choice for those who want to live in a modern, refined home. In this article we take a closer look at minimal windows: what they are, what advantages they have and why aluminium is absolutely the best material for them.

Simple shapes, neutral colours, no-frills finishes: minimalism is undoubtedly a very attractive architectural trend, because it gives the home an immediate sense of modernity. Minimal aluminium window frames fit perfectly into this context, contributing to the creation of a sober, uncluttered and extremely contemporary style.ù


What is meant by minimal windows and doors?


One of the most interesting solutions offered by modern construction, minimal windows and doors are characterised mainly by clean lines and a brighter ambience. They are so called because they are made up of a very small frame that covers a surface area of only a few centimetres and allows for an ‘all-glass’ effect of great aesthetic impact.

This is possible thanks to the structure of the window, careful installation and, above all, the use of the right material, aluminium (as will be seen below).


Curtain walling or minimal sliding?


In some cases, it is possible to realise true glass façades where the frame is attached to the masonry, leaving a complete view of the open spaces and creating an all-glass effect of the external walls. These curtain wall solutions are ideal in very modern new buildings: we have many examples of this in the envelopes of skyscrapers towering in the world’s most important cities, and some METRA Building projects are splendid examples of this.

Minimal window windows and doors are a slightly different concept to curtain walling: the window frame is still visible, but is reduced to a minimum by very thin profiles. Anyone can choose minimal window or door for their own home, whether for a newly built house or one in need of renovation.

Minimal windows and doors can have a classic casement opening or a sliding opening; the latter allows for real panoramic windows, even large ones, which become the real stars of the house.


Minimal aluminium windows and doors


As mentioned, aluminium is the best material for minimal window frames. Among its countless advantages, in fact, aluminium is a material that enjoys high resistance, especially when compared to its weight. Thanks to this characteristic, it can therefore be used to make frames with very thin profiles – even just a few millimetres – without compromising the stability and resistance of the window over time.

In this way, the thin aluminium frame profiles are able to support even very large glazed surfaces, allowing the construction of curtain walls or large windows and patio doors.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that such thin profiles compromise the thermal and acoustic insulation of the house; this is absolutely not the case. Aided by the right choice of glass, the thin aluminium frames with thermal break guarantee an optimal tightness, hindering the entry of noise from outside and minimising the passage of heat.


Why choose minimal windows and doors: the advantages


Although they can still be customised with a wide range of finishes and colours, in minimal windows the slim aluminium profiles mainly perform a supporting function, occupying up to about 5% of the total window surface. The glazed part is therefore the dominant element, the true protagonist of the room. It is no coincidence that these types of windows are often also called ‘all-glass’ windows.

This mainly offers an advantage in terms of aesthetic results: it is the ideal solution for a house with a modern and sophisticated design, where windows give the façade a truly unique and refined personality. It provides greater continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing the view into the house and creating a greater connection between spaces.

The second very important advantage of minimal windows is the much greater illumination of the interior of the house. In fact, a larger glass surface area allows for more sunlight: even just a few centimetres saved on the window profile can make a big difference. This results in brighter rooms, which are therefore much more pleasant to live in.

The increased brightness provided by minimal windows in turn brings two further benefits:

  • as is known from many studies, natural sunlight helps to combat stress and to live a healthier and more peaceful life than the more extensive use of artificial light;
  • with more natural light in the home, there is less and less need to rely on artificial light during daylight hours, resulting in energy savings.


Do minimal windows and doors also have disadvantages?


It is not easy to attribute cons to minimal windows. It is a style that is less suited to homes with a rustic atmosphere and in contexts where it is necessary to give continuity to the windows and doors that are being replaced; it is unlikely to suit homes with a more rustic and traditional atmosphere. But, for our customers looking for solutions suitable for a modern, contemporary or industrial style home, minimal frames are indeed the perfect solution.

All the advantages of aluminium also apply to minimal windows and doors: very low maintenance, optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, solidity and resistance to weathering, as well as to any ill-intentioned . Naturally, since glass is the protagonist, it will be advisable to make the most appropriate choice of glass for one’s needs in terms of insulation, security, screening, and so on. Finally, minimal windows and doors can be complemented by the installation of ad hoc shading systems, which can enhance their resistance and adjust the shading of rooms as preferred.


Minimal Windows with METRA Building


METRA Building is a company specialising in aluminium windows ad doors that maximises all the positive characteristics of this extraordinary material. The proposal includes casement or sliding systems, as well as curtain walls: all these products are perfectly suited to homes, offices and other types of structures that require complements with clean and refined lines, in a sublime continuity between the interior and exterior spaces of the building.

Light and transparency are the keywords of METRA Building’s Minimal line, in which aluminium thicknesses can be reduced to just 35 millimetres of pure strength. Equally interesting are the balconies or railings, in which thin aluminium profiles support ‘all light’ glass panes for maximum brightness.