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METRA takes the stage at Milan’s Arcimboldi Theatre (TAM)

01 August 2022

The new Sole 24 Ore bookshop stands out as a bright, essential and innovative new space. This is the latest design by METRA Building present inside the foyer of the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan, a space conceived to accommodate the magazines published by 24 Ore Cultura, a reference partner in the Italian cultural business, in a contemporary design setting.

The box with its welcoming dimensions is characterised by being a design construction, minimal and luminous, which fits harmoniously into the imposing architecture of the TAM.

The installation is realised with METRA Building’s minimal curtain wall and entrance door systems, one of the leading international manufacturers of integrated aluminium systems. An ultra-specialised know-how in the production and processing of aluminium, which has led the company to market a complex range of systems, installed in residential, business and large-scale prestigious projects worldwide. The star product of the realisation is POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX, which presents an essential profile of great performance with only 35 mm architectural dimension. Its high level of technological innovation makes it a solution perfectly suited for the construction of large glazing and glazing with thicknesses of up to 60 mm and load-bearing capacities of up to 380 kg per module. POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX is combined with the entrance door system, whose profiles, in turn, were manufactured by METRA Building.

Both structures were laid by Metal Sistemi, a company specialising in systems for architecture and design. The design, realisation and installation of the box are the result of a successful collaboration between METRA Building and Metal Sistemi, in which the expertise of the two realities merge into an iconic realisation of great value, both aesthetically and culturally.

The architecture of the Bookshop expresses the essence of the structure itself, capturing its function with lightness, transparency and luminosity that enhance its role, while fully respecting the architecture of the foyer and its value.