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METRA RE.AL.E’s new alloy innovation honoured at the 2023 Window and Door Awards

03 October 2023

On 20 September, at the Winter Garden of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Verona, the ‘Window and Door Awards 2023’ were held, an event organised by the trade magazine Guida Finestra.

Three categories and more than thirty selected companies including METRA Building that participated in the ‘sustainability, latest frontiers’ category with a range of innovative low carbon footprint alloys, METRA RE.AL.E.

The alloys are the result of the company’s development within a highly integrated and controlled supply chain and a constant commitment to reducing environmental impact and improving efficient energy use.

The name itself, ‘RE.AL.E.’, was chosen by combining three key elements of METRA’s long-established core business: ‘REcycle’, ‘ALuminum’, ‘Extrusion’.
The five main types of billets produced from these alloys contain very high percentages of recycled aluminium, with peaks of 100%.

For the year 2023, METRA Building once again proves itself among the excellences of the industry and wins an important award that underlines its ongoing commitment to a more ecological and responsible future.