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METRA Building presents the most iconic buildings created by the Architectural Solutions division

20 December 2022

METRA Building, with its Architectural Solutions division, supplies the world with engineered aluminium solutions, developed by specialists who, together with the most visionary designers, collaborate in the conception and realisation of buildings bound to make architectural design history.

The projects have achieved international fame, becoming the symbol of the very cities that host them. With this objective in mind, METRA Building has provided its know-how and its products, capable of combining strength, steadiness and aesthetics in the best possible way, and has given life to buildings such as the Bosco Verticale and the Headquarters of Amazon Italia in Milan; the One Manhattan Square and the Headquarters of Goldman Sachs in New York; the London Dock and Dollar Bay in London.

Be inspired by the METRA Building realisations in these metropolises through our video stories.