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METRA Building launches the new App: METRA Building Doc

15 October 2021

METRA Building’s new application is online. Easy and user-friendly, it allows the consultation of the technical documentation of our integrated systems, such as windows, French windows, entrance doors, curtain walls, balconies, interior doors and partition walls, to professionals who choose METRA Building as a partner.

Each METRA Building partner will have access to brochures, catalogues and manuals, and will always have the latest version of the elements and data. Any changes to the documents are in fact signalled, both online and offline, by means of icons that notify the status of updates, highlighting any corrections made to the individual support.

The documents, archived in a quick and user-friendly structure, can be searched using categories and keywords, added to favourites to further facilitate the search, or downloaded offline for always available consultation.

METRA Building DOC is also a portal that can be consulted by Windows and Mac systems with the same functions as the app, which can be used from a PC or on dedicated totems in production environments.

Portale Metra Building Doc