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Maintenance in Houses in Seaside Locations: 6 Tips

16 November 2023

Having a house in a seaside location is a real privilege, but one that also requires a certain investment of resources. In order not to waste them on incorrect maintenance work, this article advises on how to carry out beach house maintenance as effectively as possible. Whether for simple maintenance or renovation, aluminium is undoubtedly the best material for windows and doors and shading systems in beach houses.

Houses built close to a coastal area are often valuable refuges of beauty, but also buildings that are more susceptible to wear and tear from the elements and salt. This, of course, requires more substantial maintenance of seaside houses than a house further inland.

Such maintenance should be carried out at least once a year, before the beginning or at the end of the summer bathing season, in order to keep them in optimal condition over time. This practice is especially important if the owners of the beach house do not live nearby and do not have the possibility of regularly controlling the building for any unexpected problems.

When a beach house is a few years old or shows obvious signs of wear and tear, it may be advantageous to consider a more or less thorough renovation. In this case, careful planning is essential; a renovated beach house can become a safe, solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing refuge. This is especially true if high quality materials such as aluminium are chosen, which can withstand the weather and the wearing action of salt without any problem.


Why the maintenance of beach houses is important


Routine and periodic maintenance of beach houses is necessary first of all because, quite simply, no one wants to be in possession of a home that is left to itself and the wear and tear of time.

Specifically, however, beach house maintenance has certain benefits:

  • by maintaining the structure periodically, its elements always remain at a good level of efficiency, preventing any major problems. This, therefore, guards against more costly investments when problems become too great and unavoidable.
  • with frequent maintenance, the house remains usable over time, thus providing the possibility of being lived in or rented out at any time of the year. In this way, the initial investment of buying a house becomes even more economically worthwhile over time.
  • in case you want to sell your beach house, proper maintenance will make it easier to obtain a profitable sales agreement.

Renovating or refurbishing a beach house, therefore, can make sense for many reasons, first and foremost to significantly increase the value of the property – both for a possible sale and to live in it with more serenity.


How to deal with beach house maintenance: 6 tips


The maintenance of beach houses can vary greatly depending on their size, proximity to the sea, and the presence of gardens or swimming pools. In general, maintenance can be divided into external and internal parts of the beach house.


Carefully observe the exterior walls of the house


The exterior of the beach house requires special attention as it is exposed to atmospheric agents such as rain and wind, as well as to the corrosive action of sand and sea salt. Especially with the passage of time, the latter can have a really damaging corrosive action; it is therefore necessary to foresee any damage and act to minimise it, possibly considering a renovation of the curtain wall.

First of all, the condition of the plaster and external coatings should be checked, examining the possible presence of water infiltration and the integrity of the parts most exposed to the wind. Also as a preventive measure, it may be advisable to treat the beach house with products specifically designed against mould and salt.


Choosing aluminium windows and doors to reduce maintenance over time


Still talking about the exterior, special care must be taken with doors, windows, French windows and shading systems, such as shutters, roller shutters and sunblades. It is these elements that will protect the interior of the house for the rest of the year, so one must ensure that they are durable. They must be thoroughly cleaned, perhaps with the use of an air compressor, to remove all soil and sand that may have accumulated. In the case of wooden windows and doors, specific maintenance must be carried out. The exterior of the beach house requires special attention as it is exposed to the weather, such as rain and wind, as well as to the corrosive action of sand and sea salt.

For this reason, the use of aluminium for windows and doors and shading systems is highly recommended. Aluminium is by far the most resistant material to the action of the weather and the wear and tear of time; it is no coincidence that, regardless of the environment in which it is located, the lifespan of an aluminium window and door can be much longer than that of a PVC or  longer than a wood one. Aluminium also reassures beach house owners from another fundamental point of view: security from intruders who, especially in low season, may target beach houses left unattended. METRA Building aluminium windows and doors offer a high degree of security, also thanks to an impeccable installation and the possible adoption of burglar-proof hardware.


Caring for the garden and outdoor furniture


To complete outdoor maintenance, it is essential to take care of the garden. This requires constant maintenance activities, so consider hiring a gardener during the winter. Essential tasks include mowing the lawn at an appropriate height, regular leaf clearance, frequent watering (especially in cases of low rainfall) and maintenance of the sprinkler system, if any. In addition, fertilise the garden in autumn and spring.

Outdoor furniture should not be exposed to the elements all year round. If they are made of wood, paint them or treat them with suitable products. Regardless of the material, cover furniture well with a waterproof sheet if it cannot be stored indoors, and keep it away from sources of moisture.


Carrying out a thorough cleaning of the house


Pitching inside the house, maintenance begins with a thorough cleaning. Due to prolonged exposure to sand and salt, beach houses tend to soil more easily, so careful cleaning is necessary:

  • gently clean the surfaces to avoid scratches caused by sand particles;
  • remove dust thoroughly, vacuum and wash curtains, carpets, cushions and all removable parts of sofas and armchairs;
  • treat metal parts of furniture such as handrails, radiators and bicycles with anti-rust products to prevent salt damage.

Before moving back into the house during the summer season, be sure to air the rooms well to eliminate any indoor odours and humidity. On the level of extraordinary maintenance, the walls should be repainted every 3-4 years, using specific products to protect the house from the typical agents of the marine environment.

Also remember to properly clean windows and doors and shading systems. If you have chosen aluminium as the construction material for these elements, maintenance will be minimal, as aluminium only requires cleaning with a cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning agent to remove dust. Unlike other materials, aluminium does not require any special care: simply wipe it with a cloth (and, if desired, a mild cleaning agent) to remove dust.


Carrying out proper maintenance of the facilities


Controlling the proper functioning of systems at the end of the summer season serves not only to avoid sudden surprises in the case of breakages or leaks, but also to enjoy the house in the other seasons with peace of mind.

It is therefore advisable to hire specialised companies to inspect and possibly clean or fix the heating and conditioning system. A similar check should be done on gutters and gullies, which will probably have to be cleaned of any accumulations of leaves or small debris. Finally, it is advisable to thoroughly check all electrical and video surveillance systems: exposed wires may have been attacked by rodents, thus causing significant problems.


Securing the beach house


Precisely because they are uninhabited for long periods during the year, beach houses are often the target of ill-intentioned persons who think they can act undisturbed. It is advisable to make the right evaluations4 also based on the type of area in which the case is located and, if deemed appropriate, install a video surveillance system to be connected directly to the local police force. For more information, read how to keep secure the house.

Regardless of this, it is imperative to check that everything is securely closed before leaving the house. Doors, French windows, roller shutters or shutters must be closed and have no cracks or alterations, which burglars could exploit to break into the house. In this respect, as we have seen, aluminium is recommended as a material characterised by strong resistance to break-ins. An aluminium entrance door, as well as windows and shading systems in this material, guarantee a higher level of security and, therefore, peace of mind.

Beach houses, often unoccupied for long periods, are vulnerable to attempted intrusions. It is important to assess security , depending on the area where the house is located, and, if necessary, install a video surveillance system linked to local law enforcement agencies.

Before leaving your beach house, make sure that all doors, windows, roller shutters or shutters are closed and in good condition to prevent unwanted intrusion. In this respect, aluminium offers a higher level of security, making break-ins more difficult. Both aluminium entrance doors and French windows and shading systems made of this material provide greater peace of mind.


Aluminium as an ideal material for beach houses


As you have already gathered from the article, aluminium is among the best materials to choose when renovating, refurbishing or maintaining beach houses. When it comes to windows and doors, and in general to elements that are in contact with the outside, it becomes the main material of choice. Its advantages are many: it is light and guarantees excellent mechanical resistance to deformation, even when exposed to very high temperatures or direct irradiation / radiation from the sun. This allows it to remain unchanged over time, even in very adverse conditions, thus representing an excellent long-term investment.

Thermal break aluminium windows and doors like those of METRA Building also offer excellent thermic insulation and acoustic insulation. You will therefore be able to enjoy your beach house in peace and quiet, without annoying noises from outside entering the house, and always maintaining a cool micro-climate inside the rooms, because there will be no dispersion or thermal bridges. This also leads to considerable energy savings, an element not to be underestimated for a beach house.

Thanks to their strength, aluminium windows and doors are the only ones that can support large glass surfaces; ideal for seaside houses with panoramic windows, to enjoy wonderful sea views in serenity.