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How to Choose the entrance door for your home

25 January 2023

Choosing the right entrance door for your home means taking into consideration important elements such as security, strength and aesthetics. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to choose an entrance doors that meets your needs.

When building or renovating a house1, great care must be taken when choosing strong, well-insulated windows and doors that provide security and protection from the cold and weather. The same care must also be dedicated to the choice of an excellent entrance door, which, like windows and balcony doors, performs very important safety, insulation and aesthetic functions. In order to fulfil all these requirements, the ideal entrance door must possess very precise characteristics, as well as being constructed from top quality materials.

9 criteria for choosing the right entrance doors

Every customer has his or her own preferences, even when choosing the right entrance doors. Much depends on the design of the house and the requirements for security and insulation, requirements that change if we are talking about a single house or a flat within an apartment block, for example.

Regardless of the individual case, however, certain characteristics must be present:

  • the ideal entrance door must close perfectly;
  • insulating against the cold outside;
  • must be solid and make no noise when moving, and it must guarantee an aesthetically pleasing house.

Here’s how to choose the ideal entrance door based on its main characteristics.

1 – Burglar-proof security

The house we live in must first and foremost provide us with a feeling of security, and this also includes fixtures and entrance doors that protect against break-ins. To achieve this, modern entrance doors are equipped with locking mechanisms that make them difficult to break into.

The material from which the door is made must also be solid: aluminium, for example, is very difficult to break and is therefore an excellent choice for feeling safe.

In order to choose the right entrance door, one must therefore first carry out an analysis from the point of view of security.

It will be necessary to consider:

  • the type of dwelling (outer door of a house or entrance doors of a flat within a flat block, perhaps with a night porter and security cameras?);
  • the geographical area in which one lives (and its general security level);
  • the street the entrance doors faces (how brightly lit and animated is it?);
  • the ease of access to the door itself (which, for example, may be at street level or on a raised floor).

When choosing a door for home security, one should consider that there is a European standard (ENV 1627) that classifies different door models on the basis of their burglary resistance.

2 – Thermal insulation

If you live in a detached house, with the entrance doors exposed to the weather and the outside temperature, you will need to pay special attention to the thermal insulation capabilities of the entrance doors. Indeed, there is no point in having the house fitted with a thermal insulation coating and triple-glazed windows if the entrance doors then lets heat escape or lets wind and rain through.

As with the choice of window frames, the level of thermal insulation for one’s entrance doors varies according to the geographical area in which the house is located, as well as its orientation (if the entrance doors faces north, it will need to provide greater thermal insulation). In any case, it is necessary to have an entrance doors that provides a good level of thermal insulation, also to ensure that the house enjoys good energy efficiency3.

If you live in a flat within a block of flats, the need for thermal insulation will be less but still present; no one wants draughts or even dust to pass from under the door.

3 – Sound insulation

What has just been said also applies to the insulation of the house from outside noise, whether it be from the street or from the residents walking on the landing or in the stairwell.

The house in which we live must enjoy a high level of living comfort, which also passes through the possibility of sleeping, living and working without the disturbance of noise from outside. In this context, the entrance door must guarantee excellent acoustic insulation as much as the rest of the house’s door and window frames. Sound insulation performance usually goes hand in hand with thermal insulation performance.

4 – Aesthetics and design consistency

The entrance door is a true complement to the home, so its appearance should not be overlooked. Thanks to modern technology and the selection of the right materials, it is now possible to choose an entrance doors that combines safety and efficiency with beauty and design.

For those who live in a block of flats, the part of the entrance door facing the landing will most likely be subject to aesthetic constraints, so that it is consistent with the rest of the flats. In this case, however, it is possible to customise the inside of the door, choosing the handle and colours that best suit your preferences.

In the case of the external door of a house, on the other hand, customisation has no limits: you can choose the materials and shapes, the type of handles, possible inserts, colours and finishes.

One can decide to camouflage the entrance door with the wall that surrounds it, or enhance it by opting for contrasting colours and special finishes or decorations that reflect the personality of the tenants. Depending on the style requirements and the space available, one can also choose the type of opening: METRA Building offers the possibility of choosing single or double leaf doors, with inward or outward opening.

In all cases, it is very important that the aesthetics of the entrance door reflect the style and design of the house, being in line with its structural elements and décor. Depending on the style of the house, one can opt for an aluminium door with the inclusion of a classic panel, a milled or glass panel, plain or decorated.

Aluminium is therefore also a very versatile material from an aesthetic point of view; METRA Building offers classic or milled panels, as well as flat or shaped aesthetic shapes. This versatility allows multiple aesthetic requirements to be met, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

5 – Technology

In the 21st century, secure and high-performance entrance doors do not have to feature heavy and complicated locks. Increasingly, there is a move towards technological solutions, which involve opening the entrance door by entering alphanumeric codes or recognising the iris or fingerprint. It is also possible to connect the entrance door to the home automation system of one’s home, thus controlling its opening and closing via Bluetooth or a smartphone app.

Of course, these solutions are available and one has to make a careful assessment in choosing the one that best suits one’s lifestyle.

6 – Brightness

Especially in dimly-lit houses and flats, the entrance door can also help bring more light inside the house, which also benefits the physiological and mental well-being of the occupants. Glass entrance doors are a really good choice for shops and offices; they not only bring more light into the rooms but, with their transparency, give a sense of trust and closeness. With METRA Building, however, it is also possible to choose and produce all-glass entrance doors with burglar-proof systems for private homes.

Glass can also be used in the form of inserts, either in the entrance door itself or in the wall immediately surrounding the door. Glass can be smooth or satin-finished, as well as decorated tone-on-tone or in different colours; with its presence, glass makes the entrance to the house brighter and also helps to create continuity between the exterior and interior spaces. In all cases, the important thing is that it proves to be burglar-resistant to ensure total security in the home.

7 – Accessories

You can choose from a wide range of accessories to enhance the performance of your entrance doors from both a technical and aesthetic point of view.

The main accessory to pay attention to is certainly the handle, which must be sturdy, practical and attractive; for its entrance doors, for example, METRA Building offers handles and pull handles in a wide variety of colours, sizes and geometric shapes.

The entrance door can also be equipped with additional security measures, such as a peephole or a chain that allows partial opening of the door; the security locks that METRA Building installs on its entrance doors guarantee high performance against the danger of break-ins.

For modern and essential entrance doors, METRA Building provides concealed hinges for a cleaner appearance and lowered thresholds, which guarantee greater ease of movement without affecting thermal insulation thanks to the presence of sealing plugs. Finally, it may be useful to install a concealed door closer: this mechanism regulates the closing of the door, remaining hidden and guaranteeing durability of the product.

8 – Laying

As is also the case with the installation of window frames, all the excellent features of an entrance doors lose value if it is installed in an inefficient manner. It is therefore essential to rely on the experts in the field, who know how to guarantee aesthetic continuity, excellent insulation and durability.

In this respect, METRA Building proposes a service called PosaClima, which offers numerous advantages: it is recyclable, free of heavy metals, fireproof and easy to paint; at the same time, it is able to guarantee high resistance to ageing, atmospheric agents, sunlight, saltiness and the most common chemical agents.

9 – Price

Among the parameters to keep in mind when choosing an entrance doors is certainly also the budget one has available. In order to clarify which price range you should settle on, you need to consider factors such as the type of door, its size and number of leaves, the material it is made of, accessories and finishes, and installation costs.

In making all these considerations, it must be remembered that the economic value of the entrance door must reflect the value we place on the security and comfort of the home and its inhabitants.

Aluminium: the right material for entrance doors

Wood is certainly a valuable material for entrance doors, especially because it is elegant and easily adaptable to different architectural styles. Its greatest disadvantage, however, is its difficulty in maintenance. Especially when exposed to heat and weather, which is inevitable when it comes to exterior entrance doors, wood can deteriorate rapidly: it loses colour and lustre, it peels, it becomes dull.

This is by no means the case with aluminium, which, on the contrary, is very easy to maintain.

Aluminium has many other advantages: it has an innate solidity and is extremely resistant to weather and sunlight.

For these reasons, aluminium allows the entrance door to last for many years in excellent condition.

Aluminium is the ideal material for the construction of entrance doors also in terms of aesthetics and customisation. Thanks to oxidation or painting, aluminium can be declined in an almost infinite variety of shades and colours, all resistant and long-lasting. METRA Building offers flat aluminium entrance doors , suitable for a more modern and minimalist style, perfect in combination with curtain walls, or shaped ones, ideal for more classic and traditional homes. Both solutions can be combined with light cuts in shatterproof glass, to give brightness and harmony to the façade of the house without compromising security.

Finally, aluminium also meets the technical requirements of the ideal entrance door. Aluminium doors provide high sound proofing and optimal thermal insulation, preventing heat loss and the passage of draughts. In contrast to PVC entrance doors, finally, aluminium doors are extremely resistant and very difficult to break, thus making the house extremely secure against break-ins.