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Durability of Aluminium Windows and Doors

01 December 2022

Choosing windows and doors for a home is an important investment both in terms of money and longevity. The durability of aluminium windows and doors allows you to save money in the long run, as you can count on a product that is resistant to the weather and the wear and tear of time.

Durability of aluminium windows and doors: one of the many advantages of this material

Aluminium is one of the main materials used for window frames and is a valid choice in many points of view. In addition to providing excellent insulation thanks to its thermal break, which allows for considerable energy efficiency, aluminium can be customised in countless shapes and shades of colours and sizes. Aluminium windows and doors are also very easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, given the infinite recyclability of aluminium.

Aluminium is a special material due to its mechanical properties, which make it ductile yet solid at the same time. This gives aluminium windows another very important advantage: a long service life.

For further details, refer to the article on the 12 advantages of aluminum windows.

How long does an aluminium window or door last

The advantage of the long life of aluminium windows becomes crucial when choosing the windows and doors for your home. Thanks to their long lifespan, aluminium windows ensure that the investment can be repaid over time, as opposed to other materials commonly used for windows, which have a shorter lifespan.

In particular, aluminium frames can last much longer than PVC frames. The latter have an average lifespan of 25-30 years, after which the material starts to deform due to weathering and wear.

Wood is also an excellent material for window frames, but it is better to use it only on the interior side of the house; using it on the exterior side would require constant and really expensive maintenance to make it really resistant to sunlight and weather.

Durability of aluminium windows and doors

An aluminium window and door can have a lifespan of around 50 years, but even longer if it is made of quality aluminium and professionally installed.

Its mechanical characteristics, non-deformability and high resistance to corrosion make it the perfect material to resist:

  • wear and tear over time;
  • atmospheric agents of all kinds: rain, wind, snow;
  • even very strong and direct sunlight;
  • extreme temperature changes;
  • saltiness, in the case of homes near the sea.

The main pollutants in urban environments, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, have very little effect on a material like aluminium.

Finally, because aluminium is treated by anodising or painting to obtain different, customised colours, it does not discolour or deteriorate as easily as PVC or wood might.

The maintenance of aluminium windows and doors

Durability is also an outstanding feature of aluminium windows for another reason: there is no need for constant maintenance to guarantee it.

Stability, solidity and mechanical resistance are natural qualities of aluminium, which remain unchanged over time even without special interventions. Consequently, the maintenance of an aluminium window can be reduced to a minimum, saving time and money. In other words, opting for an aluminium window or door means choosing a product that remains unchanged over time, without the need for any intervention.

The maintenance of aluminium window frames is limited to common cleaning. It is sufficient to clean aluminium windows and doors with special products It may be necessary to clean aluminium windows and doors more frequently if they are particularly exposed to saltiness or cooking fumes.

Choosing aluminium frames as an investment

METRA Building is an expert in the production of aluminium windows and doors.

Choosing this material for the windows and doors of your home is the best choice, given the excellent performance and characteristics of aluminium.

METRA Building’s Aluminium-Wood Line is a further solution for those who do not want to give up the warmth of wood and the design that this material can give to their home, while still being able to count on the solidity and resistance of aluminium to be used on the external side of the window or door.