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Commitment and respect for the environment: METRA Building presents the new RE.AL.E alloys for a green future

15 February 2023

Recycling, control and responsibility. These are the three principles of METRA Building’s work, under the banner of sustainability and social responsibility.
The company’s production, part of a highly integrated and controlled supply chain, is based on the processing and recovery of aluminium.
This metal, due to its characteristics such as durability, one hundred per cent recyclability, lightness and strength, is the ideal material for sustainable processes, capable of meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Over time, METRA Building has set itself precise objectives in the field of sustainability, which have become part of the green policy set by the European Union. The company has developed new strategies and through a know-how founded on innovation, quality, far-sightedness and planning has created the low-carbon alloys, METRA RE.AL.E, produced by METRA in its main headquarters.
The name chosen, with a contemporary and immediate flavour, combines the prefix “RE” (recycle) with the suffix “AL” (Aluminium) and the letter “E” (extrusion), to summarise the circularity of METRA’s production: extrusion, waste recovery, melting and production of the new alloys.

A responsible interpretation of environmental challenges cannot be separated from a commitment to continuous improvement. METRA Building has therefore introduced a package of measures to reduce GHG emissions by a further 2% over a three-year period. Everything starts with a transparent measurement of emissions:

  • certification of the Carbon Footprint, the environmental footprint, being granted. This is a constantly updated analysis that allows not only to maintain a relationship of total internal transparency, but also to make a transparent pact with the territories that receive the production of the group and METRA Building itself, in order to plan projects to improve air quality.
  • Obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration, which certifies the environmental impact generated at each production step, including the transport and disposal of material at the end of its life. In this way, the company’s conduct is certified in each of its practices or installations, in the choice of suppliers or procedures, with an integral mapping of every action carried out for the continuous improvement of environmental standards.
  • the achievement of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, a voluntary certification, established in 2012, that defined the environmental, social and governance standards to which companies in the aluminium supply chain adhere in order to comply with sustainability standards.

The achievement of these goals marks important milestones in the growth and consolidation of METRA Building, a company aware of the importance of working towards environmental protection.